Majority PAC Releases New Ad in Wisconsin Senate Race

Washington Insider Tommy Thompson is Looking out for Corporations and Special Interests, Not Wisconsin Families 

WASHINGTON D.C. [8/29/12] – Majority PAC today announced the launch of a new ad campaign in Wisconsin. In addition to the new ad, Majority PAC is on the air in Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, North Dakota, and Florida.

The ad, entitled “Dollar Signs,” holds Tommy […]


“Street Signs” FACTS

Watch “Street Signs,” Majority PAC’s latest ad in Wisconsin online here:


If Eric Hovde becomes our SenatorHe won’t be representing Wilson Street


Or Lombardi Avenue

Or Main Street.

As a DC fund manager who’s invested millions in bail out funded banks involved in fraudulent loans, he’ll be representing just one street.
Hovde Was President and CEO Of Hovde […]


Tammy Baldwin trumps opponents in fundraising

Numbers released today show Democrat Tammy Baldwin lapping her Republican opponents in fundraising for Wisconsin’s 2012 Senate race.

Baldwin put up big numbers today showing totals that more than double her Republican opponents. Her campaign reports raising $1.1 million over the reporting period and has $1.8 million on hand.

Republican Tommy Thompson, who hasn’t stood for […]

Tommy Thompson: Adults Guilty About Ignoring Their Parents Should Still Let Them Die to Save Medicare Costs

Monday, in Tommy Thompson’s press conference in which he announced himself a “candidate” free of all disclosure laws because he wasn’t “officially” saying he was a “candidate,” he pronounced himself just all down with Paul Ryan’s plan to destroy Medicare as we know it. In fact, he thinks some unnamed more should be done:

The […]


Who Is Tommy Thompson Working For?

See if you can follow along with Tommy Thompson’s DC doubletalk here. Talking with Wisconsin reporters, Thompson said, “I’m a candidate right now.” Pretty clear, right?

But, at the very same time, the Journal-Sentinel reported that he said, “he was resolved to make a statewide tour and official campaign announcement in the spring.”

Following along? He’s […]


What is Senate Majority PAC?

Senate Majority PAC is fighting to take back the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. The Koch Brothers' secret network spent untold hundreds of millions to buy Senate seats for their right-wing candidates, but with your help, we will win back our Senate majority and put a stop to their destructive right-wing agenda.