GOP candidates continue tearing each other apart

With millions of Tea Party dollars flowing into challenger’s coffers and increasingly nasty Republican primaries across the nation, the GOP establishment is starting to sweat.

With incumbent Republican Dick Lugar losing ground fast to a Tea Party challenger, messy Republican primaries in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri and Florida, and Libertarian candidates likely to take away votes from Dennis […]

Did you hear it? That’s the sound of GOP Senate plans imploding

The tides have turned. It’s become clear this week that momentum is growing behind Senate Democrats fighting to protect our majority from Tea Party radicals in the House.

In the last week we’ve seen GOP Senate candidates duck and cover from the Blunt Amendment’s extreme politicking that harkens back to a 1950’s America that denied […]


Anti-Warren, Anti-Nelson Ads “Absurd,” “False”

We told you a few days ago about Karl Rove and Crossroads GPS’ new ad that lies about Ben Nelson’s record on health reform.  USA Today fact-checkers also astutely point out that not only is Crossroads GPS trotting out the old lie about health […]

Majority PAC Releases New Ad Featuring Nebraska Senior







Omaha Senior Testifies To Sen. Ben Nelson’s Commitment To Protecting Medicare



WASHINGTON D.C. [12/09/11] – Today Majority PAC released a new TV ad highlighting Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE)’s work to make needed cuts in government spending and prevent any radical changes to Social Security or Medicare that […]


FACT CHECK: New Ad Lies About Ben Nelson’s Record

Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS group has a new ad up attacking Ben Nelson in Nebraska.  One big problem: The ad contains independent fact-check site PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year from last year, with a reference to the Affordable Care Act as “Obama’s health care takeover.”

From PolitiFact:

In the spring of 2009, a Republican strategist settled […]


Fact Sheet on Ben Nelson’s Support for Veterans

At MajorityPAC, we are scrupulous about the facts we put out. If you are interested in the facts behind the latest Ben Nelson ad detailing his support of veterans, here’s the fact sheet for the statements in the ad:





“What’s Ben Nelson been doing for Nebraska?”

 Narrator:What’s Ben Nelson been doing for […]


Chaos in Nebraska GOP primary

The last couple of days, we’ve noted some bizarre stuff in the GOP primary for the Senate in Nebraska, from Don Stenberg’s multi-front assault on the Constitution to Deb Fisher making it clear that the only federal spending she’s against is any that doesn’t benefit her.

But, for those of you just tuning into […]


Don Stenberg’s Assault On The Constitution

It’s a peculiar facet of today’s America that some of the people claiming their respect for the Constitution the loudest are sometimes the ones pushing the biggest attacks on the wisdom of our country. These are the folks who claim in word to venerate the Constitution but in deed propose extremist attacks on the document.

The […]


Roll Call: “Rand Paul, Sharron Angle Wade Into N.M. GOP Senate Race”

New Mexico Lt. Gov. John Sanchez announced Tuesday that Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul endorsed him in the Republican Senate primary.

Sanchez is running against former Rep. Heather Wilson in a contest that has set up as an ideological race to the right.

Those are just the latest in a string of endorsements from candidates or Members affiliated with the […]

This Month in Competitive Senate Races

A new POLITICO story presents some highlights from this month in competitive Senate races, including messy Tea Party-fueled Republican primary fights erupting all over the country and a funny Republican misstep in Montana, where “the National Republican Senatorial Committee sent a picture of Tester’s left hand with all five fingers — even though he lost three […]

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