Senate Majority PAC Launches First Montana TV Ad of the Cycle Setting the Record Straight on Steve Daines’ Priorities

Senator Steve Daines Tries to Take Credit for Unemployment Benefits He Voted Against

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Senate Majority PAC released its first television ad of the 2020 cycle in Montana, highlighting how Senator Steve Daines has failed the leadership test by prioritizing relief for big corporations instead of Montanans while in Washington.

The television ad “Maybe” calls out Sen. Daines for voting to bail out big businesses while voting to limit unemployment benefits and emergency paid sick leave for workers impacted by COVID-19. Not only that, but Sen. Daines also tried to mislead Montanans by “bragging” about the very unemployment boost he voted against. While in D.C., Sen. Daines has consistently voted to boost the profits of big business, prioritizing a trillion-dollar tax cut for the wealthy while pushing cuts to Medicare.

The television ad is backed by a six-figure buy that will run statewide starting on Saturday.

“Not only did Steve Daines vote to limit unemployment benefits for Montanans impacted by COVID-19, but he had the audacity to try to take credit for the relief he voted against,” said Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Matt Corridoni. “Steve Daines has a long track record of putting the interests of big corporations and the wealthy ahead of Montana workers, and Montanans deserve to know exactly who he’s fighting for in Washington.”

While Sen. Daines has faced criticism back home, Governor Steve Bullock’s leadership during the pandemic has been praised. He has been called “the face of Montana’s fight to contain the outbreak” while Sen. Daines has been called “dishonest” for taking victory laps over relief he voted against. 


“Maybe you’re worried about your job or where your retirement went after the crash. 

“But Senator Daines worries about corporate profits instead. 

“Daines gave trillions in tax breaks to big corporations but pushed cuts to Medicare opposed emergency paid sick leave, and even tried to limit unemployment benefits for those thrown out of work by the Coronavirus. 

“Maybe it’s time for a senator who worries about you.”