New Ad: Jon Tester Fights For Montana

Contact: Chris Hayden

New Ad: Jon Tester Fights For Montana

Washington, D.C. (April 24, 2018) Today, SMP released its first statewide television ad in Montana pushing back on the Koch brothers’ unfounded attacks against Jon Tester by underscoring how Senator Tester puts Montana first. The ad highlights Tester’s history of protecting Medicare and fighting for affordable healthcare and lower drug prices for all Montanans.

“Jon Tester is Montana through and through and attacks from out of state billionaires are just proof that he stands with Montana families and not their corporate special interests,” said Chris Hayden, spokesperson for SMP. “Throughout his time in the Senate, Tester has fought to lower drug prices, protect Medicare and secure affordable healthcare for hardworking Montanans. The people of Montana know Jon Tester’s record and they know Jon only fights for them.”

Watch the ad “These Guys” HERE


“These guys?  The New York billionaire Koch brothers.”

“They’re not from Montana and their attacks on Jon Tester just aren’t true.”

“They wanted a healthcare bill that would raise premiums twenty percent…

…And Tester said no.”

“Because Tester doesn’t work for them.”

“He works for Montana.”

“Tester’s fighting to lower drug prices and stop cuts to Medicare.”

“Jon Tester.”

“Montana true.”