New Ad: Joe Manchin Delivers For West Virginia

Contact: Chris Hayden

New Ad: Joe Manchin Delivers For West Virginia

Washington, D.C. (April 27, 2018) – Today, SMP released a statewide ad in West Virginia showcasing a few of the many times Joe Manchin has gone to bat for West Virginia families. From fighting the opioid epidemic to working to expand veterans’ benefits and save Medicaid, the ad highlights how West Virginians know Joe Manchin is in their corner.

“You don’t have to look far in West Virginia to find someone who has benefited from the work Joe Manchin has done for his state,” said Chris Hayden, spokesperson for SMP. “West Virginians know that Joe helped save Medicaid, protected health care for miners, fought to expand benefits for veterans and continues to work hard to combat the opioid epidemic. Joe Manchin delivers for West Virginia, and that is why so many West Virginians stand with Joe.”

Watch the ad “For Joe” HERE.


“Some remember the time he fought to save Medicaid…”

“…Or went to bat for coal miner’s health-care benefits.”

“Maybe it’s how he’s fought the opioid epidemic or to expand benefits for West Virginia veterans.”

“Everyone has a story about Joe Manchin.”

“About him helping with one thing or another, reaching out to this family or that one.”

“But ask any of them what Joe Manchin’s for…”

“…they’ll tell you that’s easy…”

“…West Virginia.”

“Which helps explain why so many West Virginians…”

“…are for Joe.”