Poersch to Lead Senate Majority PAC as New Full-Time President


Charlie Patterson, Charlie@SQComms.com, 202-680-8132
Erin Grandstaff, Erin@SQComms.com; 202-570-0510

WASHINGTON, DC — The Senate Majority PAC (SMP) announced today that, effective immediately, J.B. Poersch will come aboard as full-time President, overseeing all activities of the super PAC.

“Senate Majority PAC has helped elect Democrats to the Senate for six years,” said Poersch. “This mission is more important than ever if Democrats are going to have necessary numbers to fight the Trump agenda. We need a comprehensive IE effort that includes television, digital and grassroots effort to combat the GOP’s ‘dark money’ cash advantage.”

For the last six years at SKDKnickerbocker, Poersch created ads and consulted on races for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Governors Association, and House Majority PAC. While at SKDKnickerbocker, Poersch also served as a SMP strategist and adviser.

Poersch served as executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from 2005-2010. Under then DSCC Chairman Chuck Schumer, he helped lead Democrats to a takeover of the Senate in 2006 and achieved a 60-vote supermajority in 2008. While managing the $150 million senatorial party committee for six years, Poersch helped elect 20 new senators and played a critical role in ensuring success in many Senate incumbent races.

The Senate Majority PAC is the only super PAC dedicated to winning the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. Founded in 2012, SMP organizes comprehensive independent expenditure (IE) campaigns to support Democratic Senators and candidates—and push back against the massive IE spending from right-wing groups financed by the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove’s network, and others. SMP also coordinates Democratic allies to ensure that every dollar is spent efficiently to protect candidates in the face of the GOP’s “dark money” cash advantage.

Susan McCue and Rebecca Lambe, original founders of SMP, will continue at SMP, remaining as Senior Advisors, a vital part of the program that SMP provides.

Bill Knapp, Managing Director of SKDKnickerbocker’s political and campaign division, said, “we wish J.B. all the best – personally and professionally because we know that his dedication to a Democratic Senate Majority has been a driving force of his career and one we wholeheartedly support. I am fortunate to head a group of the party’s leading consultants like Jennifer Cunningham, Bill Burton, Karen Olick, Julie Norton, and Doug Thornell, and our award-winning creative team, who will continue to offer the best strategic and communications strategies for winning campaigns going forward.”