Senate Majority PAC Targets Susan Collins in New Digital Ad Campaign “Lessons Learned”

For Immediate Release

February 18, 2020

New SMP Polling Shows 56% of Mainers Believe Collins Put Her Party Ahead of Principle When Voting to Acquit Trump

Washington, D.C. — As Senator Susan Collins faces renewed backlash around her comments that President Trump has “learned a pretty big lesson” after being impeached, Senate Majority PAC (SMP) is launching a new digital ad campaign reminding voters of her failure to hold President Trump accountable and be an independent voice for the people of Maine. The five-figure ad campaign “Lessons Learned” will run statewide on Facebook and YouTube starting today.

New post-impeachment polling conducted by Senate Majority PAC shows that a majority of Mainers view Collins’ vote to acquit Trump as politically motivated. According to the polling, 56 percent of Mainers believe that Senator Collins voted to put her party and President Trump’s interests over principle.

“Susan Collins may be fooling herself when it comes to covering for President Trump, but she’s not fooling Mainers,” said Rachel Irwin, a spokesperson for Senate Majority PAC. “With every passing moment, Mainers are learning a lesson of their own: they can’t trust Susan Collins to stand up to her party when it counts.”

The ad “Lessons Learned” features footage of Susan Collins in her own words defending President Trump after voting to acquit the president without securing a fair trial. As President Trump becomes more emboldened, Senator Collins has been desperate to walk back her comments and has dodged reporter questions about her weak defense of the president. The fallout continues back home with the Portland Press Herald out with a new editorial listing “a week of lessons learned by Sen. Collins and the nation.”