Senate Majority PAC Launches New TV Ad in Montana: Steve Daines is Doing China’s Bidding

Watch “Cliff

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Today, Senate Majority PAC released a new television ad in Montana featuring a  rancher named Cliff who shares his frustration of Senator Steve Daines “doing China’s bidding.” 

Sen. Daines spent years living in China helping an American Corporation set up factoriesthere while they laid off four thousand American workers. Now, Sen. Daines is taking a page from the GOP playbook– but his rhetoric doesn’t match his record. Sen. Daines has been called “China’s Ambassador” in Congress, he’s been accused of“doing China’s bidding,and then when asked about his past relationship with China, Sen. Daines declined to comment

 The television ad is a part of Senate Majority PAC’s statewide buy.

“Ranchers like Cliff are tired of D.C .politicians like Steve Daines selling them out,”said Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Matt Corridoni.“Daines has been China’s biggest champion in Congress at the expense of American workers and jobs. Montanans deserve someone who will protect their jobs and it’s clear they can’t trust Steve Daines to fight for them.”


“Times are tough. Tough in Montana and Senator Daines is not telling it straight to us.

“Daines lived in China for years working for efforts to move factories and jobs to the tune of having 4,000 American workers laid off.

“He’s doing the bidding of China and they’re calling him China’s Cheerleader in the United States Senate.

“I think Senator Daines has been an outright fraud. I find that offensive”