Senate Majority PAC Launches New TV Ad in Maine Calling Out Susan Collins for Taking Campaign Cash from Top Opioid Distributors

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Senate Majority PAC released a new television ad in Maine calling out Senator Susan Collins for taking campaign cash from the top opioid distributors and failing to hold them accountable in Washington. 

The new ad features footage of Sen. Collins telling a constituent that she “never” took campaign donations from the Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharmaceuticals, who have been sued in Maine for their role in the opioid crisis. 

In reality, Sen. Collins has accepted donations from a member of the Sackler family and received $110,000 in campaign contributions from top opioid distributors who have pushed more than 300 million pills into Maine. All the while, Sen. Collins has voted against holding these companies accountable while Maine has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic.    

The television ad is a part of a six-figure buy that will run statewide.  

“Susan Collins clearly can’t be trusted to fight for Mainers when she’s not being honest about who’s backing her campaign,” said Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Matt Corridoni. “Susan Collins has sold out her constituents when pocketing campaign cash from the same opioid companies she’s failing to hold accountable in Washington. This is further proof that money changes everything, even Susan Collins.”


Voiceover: More than 300 million pills pushed to Maine by the top opioid distributors. 

They gave $110,000 to Susan Collins. 

Collins even took money from a member of the Sackler family that made billions selling oxycontin. 

But Collins voted against holding these companies accountable. 

And when a constituent asked about the Sackler money, Collins lied. 

Constituent: “Your campaign has taken money from the Sacklers?” 

Collins: “From the Sacklers? No, I have not.”

Constituent: “Never?”

Collins: “Never.”

Voiceover: You lie when you know you’ve done something wrong.