Senate Majority PAC Launches New TV Ad in Iowa Featuring Polly: a Nurse and Veteran Who’s Tired of Joni Ernst Selling Out Iowans

Watch “Polly” HERE 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Senate Majority PAC released a new television ad featuring an Iowa veteran and nurse who is tired of Senator Joni Ernst selling out Iowans while in Washington.

Senator Ernst has spent her political career refusing to stand up to special interests. She’s taken money from big drug companies,insurance companies, and has backed their agenda at the expense of Iowans. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, she was making sure the special interests were taken care of by voting for a slush fund for her big donors. She even pushed conspiracy theories while staying silent as it was revealed Trump downplayed the virus for political purposes.   

The television ad is a part of SMP’s fall reservation that will air statewide.

“Joni Ernst has spent the last six years selling out Iowans and it’s made this Senate race one of the most competitive in the country,” said Senate Majority Pac spokesman Matt Corridoni. “When she’s not pushing Covid-19 conspiracy theories or blaming front line workers for the virus, she’s voting to take away Iowans’ health care. Joni has lost touch with the people of Iowa and Iowa nurses like Polly aren’t going to stand for it.”


POLLY: “As a veteran and a nurse, I do my homework. And I don’t like what I’m seeing from Joni Ernst.”

POLLY: “Big drug companies, insurance companies, all the special interests. She isn’t willing to stand up to any of them.”

POLLY: “Joni Ernst has taken their money and voted to support their agenda. She’s lost touch with what it means to be from Iowa.”

VO: “Every time Joni Ernst sells out to the corporate special interests, she’s selling out Iowans like Polly.”