Senate Majority PAC Announces New $8.6M TV Buy in U.S. Senate Race

SMP’s New English & Spanish-language TV Ads Slam John Cornyn for Lying About His Health Care Record

Watch “WHOA” Here


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Senate Majority PAC (SMP) announced a new $8.6 million television buy in Texas – its first spending of the 2020 cycle – in a sign of how competitive the U.S. Senate race has become between combat veteran MJ Hegar and career politician John Cornyn. Just this week, Cook Political Reportmoved the race in Hegar’s favor, citing her campaign’s fundraising advantage and the competitive nature of the state.

SMP’s new English and Spanish-language TV ads will begin airing in Texas tomorrow and run through Election Day. The new ads set the record straight on Sen. Cornyn’s lies about his health care record. Sen. Cornyn, who called himself the ‘top salesman’ of the effort to repeal the law that protects Texans with pre-existing conditions, was given ‘Four Pinocchios’ by the Washington Post for his misleading ads.

“Three weeks out and John Cornyn has a weaker standing than Ted Cruz ever did,”said J.B. Poersch, President of Senate Majority PAC.“John Cornyn led the charge to repeal the law that protects those with pre-existing conditions while pocketing millions from the drug and insurance industries. Voters won’t stand for John Cornyn’s lies when he’s trying to take away their health care during a global pandemic, and with MJ Hegar running a strong campaign focused on lowering their costs, she’s making the case for Texans to give Cornyn the boot in November.”

Thanks to record-breaking fundraising and grassroots enthusiasm, Senate Democrats have expanded the map this cycle as Mitch McConnell and his allies are now forced to defend their weak incumbents in red states like Texas, Alaska, Kansas, and South Carolina. SMP and its affiliated groups will continue to add new spending on a rolling basis. 

Transcript of “Whoa”

“John Cornyn is lying about his health care record.

Let’s get real.

“John Cornyn led the charge to eliminate the law that protects people with pre-existing conditions.

“He’s a shill for the drug and insurance industry, who gave him over three million in campaign cash.

“And voted four times to let insurance companies deny coverage for Texans with pre-existing conditions like cancer.

“John Cornyn is a fraud who sold us out.”

Transcript of “Importante”

Spanish translation:

“Escúchame, por favor. Esto es importante.

“John Cornyn Ha votado No una Ni dos Sino muchas veces Para quitarle protecciones a las personas con condiciones preexistentes. 

“Eso quiere decir que 5 millones de personas en Texas podrían perder su seguro medico

“Tu mamá Tu papá Tu amigo Incluso tu hijo …podría ser una de ellas.

“Todo porque para John Cornyn las compañías aseguradoras son más importantes que tú.”

English translation:

“Listen to me, please. This is important. 

“John Cornyn has voted not once not twice but many times to cut protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

“In Texas, that means 5 million people could lose their health insurance.

“Your mother, your father, your friend, or even, your child…could be one of them.

“All because of John Cornyn…Insurance companies are more important than you.”