New SMP Digital Ad: Cory Gardner Drinks Beer for the Cameras, Sips on $1,000-Bottle Champagne Behind Closed Doors with His Donors

Watch “Just A Beer Guy?” HERE 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Senate Majority PAC is launching a new digital ad campaign in Colorado reminding Coloradans that while Senator Cory Gardner drinks beer for the cameras, he prefers sipping on $1,000-champagne behind closed doors at private parties with his wealthy donors.

As COVID-19 was already here in the U.S. and after Senator Gardner was briefed on the pandemic, he attended a Palm Beach party sponsored by Krug champagne – a French company owned by a multinational conglomerate of luxury brands called LVMH. Sen. Gardner faced an ethics complaint about his attendance at the sponsored event, where he enjoyed 4-course meals created by the chef of a  5-star resort. According to the Denver Post, for the past 20 years, LVMH has lobbied the U.S. Senate on a range of issues related to its brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Hennessy, and Krug Champagne. Senators are banned from accepting gifts valued at more than $50 and also banned from accepting gifts from companies that hire lobbyists.

The ad “Just A Beer Guy?” is part of SMP’s six-figure digital buy and will be running on Facebook and YouTube in Colorado. 

“Cory Gardner likes to pretend he’s a ‘beer guy’ when the cameras are rolling, but behind closed doors, he’s sipping champagne in Palm Beach with his donors,” said Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Matt Corridoni. “It’s hard to convince Coloradans you’re someone they can grab a beer with after years of voting to take their health care away. Gardner’s latest attempt to try and rebrand himself shows just how desperate he is to stay in the Washington swamp.”

This is SMP’s second digital ad highlighting Cory Gardner’s ethics woes and champagne soiree.


“Cory Gardner wants you to think he’s a beer guy. 

“Really? Just beer?

“What about the $1,000 champagne that Cory Gardner enjoyed with his wealthy donors at their $40 million mansion in Palm Beach?

“This place looks pretty fancy…

“What about the four-course meal Cory Gardner was served created by the chef of a 5-star resort, not long after he was briefed on COVID-19?

“Cory Gardner didn’t mind sipping on high-end champagne with donors, but he voted against protecting health care for Coloradans with pre-existing conditions.

“Cory Gardner: beers for the camera, $1,000 a bottle champagne with his donors.”