New SMP Ad: Lindsey Graham Brags About Being Golf Buddies with Trump, But Has Nothing to Show For It

“What does he do with all that access and supposed power?” South Carolina voters are scratching their heads.

Watch “Golfer” Here

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Today, Senate Majority PAC (SMP) launched its second television ad of the cycle in South Carolina exposing Lindsey Graham as a career politician who has sold out to special interests and personifies the Washington swamp.

The new ad highlights what many South Carolinians dislike about Senator Graham and his 25-year career in Washington of putting his donors ahead of his constituents. While Sen. Graham brags about being golf buddies with President Trump, he’s actually working against the presidenton term limits, and he fights for drug companies and for cuts to Medicare and Social Security

The ad is part of SMP’s previously announced $5 million television buy

“Lindsey Graham has nothing to show for his 25 years in Washington and South Carolina voters know it,”said Senate Majority PAC spokesman Matt Corridoni.“Instead of using his access to help his constituents, Lindsey Graham is taking money from the special interests and voting to gut Medicare and Social Security. Graham is a typical D.C. politician who represents the worst of the Washington Swamp.”

SMP recently announced a new $6.5 million investment in South Carolina, which includes $5 million in television spending and an additional $1.5 million in digital advertising. SMP’s investment is a sign of how competitive the U.S. Senate race has become in 2020, with the latest public polling showing a tied race between Jaime Harrison and Sen. And just this week, Roll Call named Graham one of the ten most vulnerable senators.  


“I love golf and I’m fine with Lindsey Graham playing golf with President Trump. 

But here’s the rub: what does he do with all that access and supposed power?

Graham is against the president on term limits, he fights FOR drug companies and FOR cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Oh, and he’s taken millions from special interests.

25 years in Congress has turned Lindsey Graham into a living, breathing example of the swamp we need to get rid of.”