New SMP Ad: Former Susan Collins’ Voter Slams Her Vote For the GOP Tax Giveaway That Put Social Security and Medicare at Risk

“She should be protecting Maine people, and she’s not.” – Janet of Livermore

Watch “Janet” HERE

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Today, Senate Majority PAC is launching a new television ad in Maine featuring one of the many former Susan Collins’ voters who is no longer supporting her.

The ad features Janet of Livermore, a Mainer who no longer trusts Sen. Collins given her record of voting for a trillion-dollar tax giveaway for big corporationswhile putting Social Security and Medicare at risk. As Sen. Collins collected more than $5 million from corporate special interests, Maine’s middle-class families were forced to pay more in taxes

The ad is part of SMP’s statewide buy in Maine.

“Mainers like Janet aren’t going to forget that Susan Collins sold them out,”said Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Rachel Irwin.“Susan Collins’ vote for a trillion-dollar tax giveaway for the wealthy is another sign that she’s changed in Washington. Janet is one of the many Mainers who can’t trust Susan Collins for putting Social Security and Medicare at risk so her biggest donors could profit.”


“I don’t understand what has happened to Susan Collins. She’s taken a lot of money from the drug companies. She’s taken a lot of money from Wall Street. She’s looking for the big bucks. She voted for the tax bill which is giving trillions of dollars to big corporations. And they said that they were going to pay for it by reducing Social Security and Medicare and she did nothing. She sold out. I’ve always voted for Susan Collin. Not this time. She should be protecting Maine people, and she’s not.”