New Ad: Susan Collins Paved the Way for Post Office Crisis While Private Companies Rewarded Her

FedEx Lobbyists Even Threw Susan Collins a Birthday Party at a D.C. Townhouse

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Senate Majority PAC is launching a new television ad in Maine highlighting Senator Susan Collins’ history of sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service while private corporations who profited rewarded her with campaign cash and even a birthday party fundraiser.

Senator Collins championed the passage of a bill that weakened the U.S. Postal Service and saddled it with over $100 billion in debt, paving the way for its current financial crisis. To quote one former Maine mail carrier: “She weakened the postal service to the point where people like our president can point to it and say, There’s a crisis here.’”  

At the same time, financial records show that Senator Collins has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from USPS’ private competitors that gained to benefit from her legislation – and was the recipient of a birthday fundraiser at the Fed-Ex townhouse – while her husband owned stock in the same companies.

Now, as COVID-19 continues to impact our economy, 600,000 American postal workers are vulnerable to layoffs, and 80,000 pieces of mail were delayed in Maine, including prescription drugs. Even with Donald Trump attacking the U.S. Postal Service and threatening to undermine our election, Sen. Collins has left Washington while Mainers face mounting delays, especially those in rural areas. 

The ad “Started Here” will air statewide in Maine. 

“While Susan Collins was blowing out her Fed-Ex birthday candles, the Postal Service was being set up for financial ruin and now Mainers are paying the price,” said Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Rachel Irwin. “Mainers are at risk of missing out on Social Security checks, medication, and other critical needs because Susan Collins put her special interest donors ahead of her constituents. This is just another example of how money changes everything — even Susan Collins.”


“Big problems at the post office here…

“Started here. Legislation from Susan Collins crippled the postal service’s finances.

“And racked up $160 billion dollars in debt.

“Collins’ legislation helped private delivery companies earn billions.

“And she collected hundreds of thousands from those companies.

“Their Washington lobbyists even threw Collins a birthday party.

“Meanwhile, Mainers wait for medicine and Social Security checks.

“Money changes everything. Even Susan Collins.”