New Ad: Susan Collins is Protecting Insurance Companies Instead of Mainers Like Sam

Collins Rakes in $1.4M from Drug and Insurance Industries while Voting Seven Times Against Mainers with Pre-Existing Conditions

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, as Mitch McConnell and his dark money allies try to rewrite history, Senate Majority PAC is releasing a new television ad in Maine focused on Senator Susan Collins’ years of siding with big corporations and private insurance companies over Mainers. 

The ad features Alyce and her son, Sam, who lives with a chronic kidney disease that requires him to take three different medications. While Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon has fought to protect coverage for kids like Sam, Sen. Collins has voted seven times to eliminate protections for individuals living with pre-existing conditions while pocketing $1.4 million dollars from the big drug and insurance industries.

Watch Senate Majority PAC’s new ad “My son” hereThe ad is backed by a six-figure buy that will air statewide. 

“Susan Collins went to Washington and left Mainers behind when she put the interests of Mitch McConnell and her campaign donors first,” said Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Rachel Irwin. “Susan Collins can’t be trusted to protect Mainers with pre-existing conditions when she’s voting to make it harder for them to access care and pocketing millions from the same drug and insurance industries backing her campaign.”


ALYCE: “Sam has chronic kidney disease, he’s on three different meds. 

ALYCE: “Sara Gideon ensured that insurance companies couldn’t deny people coverage because of their pre-existing conditions. 

VOICEOVER: “Susan Collins? She voted against protecting coverage for kids like Sam. Collins pocketed $1.4 million dollars from the big drug and insurance industry. 

ALYCE: “I can’t imagine that someone could look at him and say, ‘we’re not going to cover you because you’re too expensive.’

VOICEOVER: “Money changes everything. Even Susan Collins.”