New Ad: Susan Collins and Former Lobbyist Husband Put Personal Gain ahead of Mainers Hit Hard by the Opioid Crisis

Collins is taking tens of thousands of dollars from the opioid distributors while her husband owns and sells stocks in drug companies. 

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Senate Majority PAC is launching a new television ad in Maine calling out Susan Collins and her former lobbyist husband for profiting off of the opioid crisis that ravages the state.

Senator Collins has received over  $100,000 in campaign contributions from top opioid distributors who have pushed more than 300 million pills into Maine. Sen. Collins even accepted a donation from a member of the Sackler family. All the while, Sen. Collins has voted against holding these companies accountable while Maine has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. Now it’s come to light that Collins’ husband, a former lobbyist, profited off the opioid crisis – making money owning and selling stock in drug companies. At a time when the opioid crisis is getting worse in Maine, Collins and her husband are cashing in instead of holding the big drug companies accountable.  

The ad “Profiting” is airing statewide in Maine. 

“Susan Collins has turned her back on Maine families and those hurt by the opioid crisis,” said Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Rachel Irwin. “Instead of holding big drug companies accountable, Susan Collins is taking their campaign cash while her husband profits at Mainers’ expense. At a time when the epidemic is hitting Maine the hardest, Mainers deserve a senator who is going to put them ahead of their own personal gain.”


“Maine’s opioid crisis is getting worse.

“But Susan Collins is taking tens of thousands of dollars from the opioid distributors, and she voted against holding them accountable.

“Now, we learn Collins’ husband, a former lobbyist, profited off the opioid crisis…making money owning and selling stock in drug companies.

“Profiting off the opioid crisis?

“Money changes everything. Even Susan Collins.”