Day 1: Vulnerable Senate Republicans Already Cracking Under Pressure, Refuse to Demand Witnesses Given New Evidence


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January 16, 2019

Day 1: Vulnerable Senate Republicans Already Cracking Under Pressure, Refuse to Demand Witnesses Given New Evidence

As the U.S. Senate impeachment trial officially gets underway, some vulnerable Senate Republicans are already cracking under pressure and lashing out when asked about new evidence related to the president’s abuse of power, while others are entering their own self-imposed witness protection programs to avoid tough questions.

This doesn’t bode well for Senate Republicans who have failed to stand up to their party bosses and secure a fair trial. Recent battleground polling shows that these vulnerable Republicans are out of step with the majority of voters who want the Senate to conduct a full trial, carefully consider evidence, and call witnesses who can provide first-hand evidence about the president’s actions.

“This is a rough start for Senate Republicans who are continuing to show their true colors as the impeachment trial heats up,” said Rachel Irwin, a spokesperson for Senate Majority PAC. “Day one and these vulnerable incumbents are making it clear that they will toe the McConnell line every step of the way. Whether they are attacking the media, playing politics, or going into witness protection, Senate Republicans are doing themselves no favors for their re-election chances.”

Martha McSally Lashes Out 

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Not only did unelected Senator Martha McSally lash out a reporter, she doubled down on the exchange when she posted it on her own account, further proving that McSally is feeling the pressure as she faces an uphill battle to re-election.

As this Arizona Republic column notes, this type of behavior won’t help her chances in November:

She didn’t sound reasoned. She didn’t sound impartial […] McSally has made no secret of where she stands on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. She early on vaulted the jury box to sit squarely with the defense.”

While her partisan behavior isn’t earning her goodwill back home, it’s being praised by President Trump’s campaign, who is now fundraising on her behalf.

Susan Collins Breaks Her Own Pledge of Impartiality

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For months, Senator Collins hid behind the act of an “impartial juror” and promised not to pre-judge evidence or comment on the House impeachment proceedings, but that all changed yesterday when she refused to consider new evidence and blamed the House for their process.

Senator Joni Ernst followed the same playbook when blaming House Democrats for impeaching Trump before waiting for additional evidence: “They were in such a hurry that they didn’t get all this information? What the heck, OK?” said Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa).

Senator David Perdue refused to even consider new evidence:

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Thom Tillis Pumps the Brakes on Witness Testimony

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Thom Tillis isn’t even going to fake it. During an appearance on Fox News, Senator Tillis did the bidding of President Trump by pouring cold water on witness testimony, despite the new evidence in regard to the president’s abuse of power.

Cory Gardner Enters His Own Witness Protection Program

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Another day, another front-page headline that proves Cory Gardner doesn’t have the courage to take a stand against his own party. It’s no wonder Gardner is hiding; he clearly doesn’t want to confront his record of siding with his party and his loyalty to President Trump.