Senate Majority PAC Releases New Video “Who is Kelly Loeffler?”

GOP Mega-Donor Has a Rocky Start and Plenty of Explaining to Do

Washington, D.C. –Today, Senate Majority PAC (SMP) is launching a new video “Who is Kelly Loeffler” on the heels of her bungled appointment by Governor Brian Kemp to the U.S. Senate. Gov. Kemp’s divisive pick of Loeffler, a Republican mega-donor who has committed to cutting a $20 million check to hold onto her temporary seat, has set off a firestorm among Republicans.

The new video, which will be promoted on digital platforms to Georgia voters this week, highlights Loeffler’s many unknowns and red flags, including her lack of a public record. As news reports highlighted this week: the only qualification Loeffler seems to have is a long history as a GOP mega-donor, giving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past year.

Watch “Who is Kelly Loeffler” here.

“Kelly Loeffler has written the playbook on how to buy a Senate seat, already announcing that she’ll cut a $20 million-dollar check to try to undo the damage of her disastrous roll-out,” said Rachel Irwin, a spokesperson for SMP. “While donors have had plenty of facetime with Kemp’s divisive pick, the people of Georgia deserve to know who she is and what she stands for. Loeffler has plenty of explaining to do to earn the trust of Georgia voters, starting with members of her own party.”