The Senate Map Has Shifted In Democrats’ Favor, Just Ask Mitch

Contact: Chris Hayden

The Senate Map Has Shifted In Democrats’ Favor, Just Ask Mitch

J.B. Poersch, President of SMP released the following statement after Senator Mitch McConnell’s comments to the Washington Post that several states President Trump won in 2016 are not currently in play:

“Senator McConnell acknowledged what we have known for a while, the battleground map has moved and his caucus is playing more defense. Senate Republicans have been forced to shift resources to defend seats they currently hold because they are up against strong incumbents and top tier challengers.

Following an historic win in Alabama, we look forward to playing offense in an environment where voters are excited to vote for Democrats.”

From the Washington Post:

Republicans are defending a slim 51-to-49 advantage in November. McConnell listed the states he believes the battle for the Senate will run through: Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, West Virginia and Florida.

“By any objective standard, those are the seats that are likely to be in play,” McConnell said.

Notably absent from his list were three states that were key to Trump’s 2016 win, in which Democratic senators are up for reelection this year: Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.