SMP Statement on the Florida Senate Race

Contact: Hannah Hurley

SMP Statement on the Florida Senate Race

Washington, D.C. (November 18, 2018) – President of SMP, J.B. Poersch, released the following statement today on the outcome of the Florida Senate race:

“Senator Bill Nelson has dedicated his life to serving his fellow Floridians and Americans. From his time as a captain in the U.S. Army to his service as Florida’s United States Senator for 18 years, Senator Nelson has consistently fought for the betterment of others, and Florida is a better state because of his leadership. The way this Senate race concluded shows us how important it is to have dedicated, selfless leaders in our government. Until the very the end, Senator Nelson fought the most noble fight; demanding every vote in the state of Florida be counted so that every Floridian could have their voice heard. Senator Nelson’s last act as Florida’s Senator was defending our democracy, and nothing is more important than that.

“Meanwhile, Rick Scott and the Republican Party spent the past week throwing out dangerous and false accusations of voter fraud in an attempt to scare Floridians and cast doubt on our electoral process. Rick Scott shamefully and self-servingly tried to stand in the way of every vote being counted so that he could protect his tepid lead. Rick Scott has a long record of directly intervening in the electoral process in order to achieve his best outcome. Last week’s petulant protests over the counting of valid votes is simply the latest chapter in his fight to restrict Americans from participating in the democratic process.

“The unsettling takeaway from the 2018 midterm elections is that the national Republican Party has embraced voter suppression as one of their main tenants of their platform. SMP and our Democratic allies will continue fighting against the shameful efforts to obstruct voting rights for Americans – legally and otherwise. We remain committed to defending our democratic process and protecting every American’s right to vote.”