SMP Announces Digital Campaign Calling Dean Heller Out for Demeaning ‘Hiccup’ Remark

Contact: Hannah Hurley


SMP Announces Digital Campaign Calling Dean Heller Out for Demeaning ‘Hiccup’ Remark

Washington D.C. (September 26, 2018) – Today, SMP is announcing a new digital advertising campaign focused on calling out Dean Heller for his demeaning comments comparing sexual assault allegations to nothing more than “a little hiccup.” During a “VIP” conference call, Dean Heller described the current assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as “a little hiccup.” Over the past year women across America and Nevada have taken a stand, shared their stories of sexual harassment and assault and demanded justice. For Dean Heller to dismiss a woman’s credible sexual assault allegation as a “hiccup” is disrespectful to survivors of sexual violence across the country.

SMP believes these outrageous comments must be shared with Nevada voters, and our digital campaign will make sure Nevadans see and read the disparaging remarks. Using the voices of real Nevadans, this digital campaign will remind voters Dean Heller doesn’t stand for them; placements will include Facebook, Twitter, and Google Search.

“By calling a woman’s credible sexual assault story a ‘hiccup’, Dean Heller made a mockery of sexual violence and demeaned women across Nevada,” said Hannah Hurley, spokesperson for SMP. “It is outrageous that in 2018 a sitting senator would be so flippant about such a serious issue. The people of Nevada, and especially the women of Nevada, deserve a senator who takes sexual assault allegations seriously. SMP is committed to making sure Nevada voters remember what Dean Heller really thinks when they turn out to the polls this Election Day.”

View examples of the ads HERE HERE.