New Ads: Mike Braun is Lying to Hoosiers

Contact: Hannah Hurley

New Ads: Mike Braun is Lying to Hoosiers

Washington, D.C. (October 11, 2018) – Today, SMP released two new ads in Indiana calling out Mike Braun for lying to Hoosiers about how he profits off of products made overseas. Mike Braun told Hoosier voters that his company’s products are American-made, but it was recently revealed that he was lying to them when he made that claim. The fact is his products are made in China.

“Mike Braun has been lying to Hoosiers,” said Hannah Hurley, spokesperson for SMP. “On the campaign trail, Mike Braun repeatedly says he supports American workers, but when he had the chance he profited off of foreign made products and supported corporations that decided to ship good Indiana jobs overseas. Braun has proven that he will put his own bottom line over the needs of hardworking Hoosiers and then lie about it.”

Watch the ad “All About” HERE & the ad “Adds Up” HERE.

Transcript of “All About”

“I worked on the assembly line for years.”

“It was a good, stable job until the plant was shut down.”

“Our jobs outsourced to Mexico.”

“So, when I see Mike Braun lying about his own company, it really angers me.”

“Braun says his auto parts are American-made.”

“But the truth’s right on the box.”

“Made in China.”

“Braun even supports tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas.”

“Mike Braun’s all about making money for himself and big corporations.”

“He’s not for us.”

Transcript of “Adds Up”

“Mike Braun just can’t stop lying about his Chinese imports.”

“When talking about where his products are made, Braun said…”

Mike Braun: “We buy their products. I don’t know where they get it made. We distribute them.”

“But the truth’s right on the box.”

“Labeled made in China.

“And his company’s website has a button that translates to Chinese.”

“So whether you’re counting in Chinese currency or U.S. dollars, it all adds up to millionaire Mike Braun getting really rich.”

“And lying to you.”