New Ads: Dean Heller’s Flip-Flops Leave Nevadans Wondering Where He Stands

Contact: Chris Hayden


New Ads: Dean Heller’s Flip-Flops Leave Nevadans Wondering Where He Stands

Washington, D.C. (June 26, 2018) – Today, SMP released its first two statewide ads in Nevada showcasing Dean Heller’s history of flip-flopping on key issues for Nevada families. Both ads highlight how Dean Heller has flipped his position on health care so often that Nevadans don’t know where he actually stands. Dean Heller originally supported keeping the Affordable Care Act in place, but then flip-flopped and voted to repeal it. He also said he supported funding Planned Parenthood, but flipped and voted to defund it.

“Dean Heller is the quintessential flip-flopping politician who cannot be trusted,” said Chris Hayden, spokesperson for SMP. “On health care, one of the most important issues in Nevada and the country, Heller broke his word and flipped his position; putting his political career first and hurting Nevada families unapologetically in the process. When Nevadans’ health care was on the line Dean Heller backed down, proving that he is not the fighter Nevada needs.”

Watch “Not With Us” HERE and “Flips on Everything” HERE.


Transcript for “Not With Us”

 “Where does Senator Dean Heller stand on health care?

“Because he is not with us”

“On Planned Parenthood, Heller said he supported its funding.”

“But he’s voted 9 times to defund Planned Parenthood.”

“And after Heller said he’d listen to Governor Sandoval and oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act…

…Heller voted to repeal it.”

“Dean Heller received $800,000 from the insurance industry.”

“Is that why he’s not with us on health care?”


Transcript for “Flips on Everything”

“Dean Heller just doesn’t get it.”

“He flip flops on everything.”

“Heller said he wanted to keep the Affordable Health Care Act.”

“But then, he voted to repeal it.”

“He should have followed Governor Sandoval’s lead on health care.”

“That would have been best for families like mine.”

“On Planned Parenthood, another flip flop.”

“He said he supported funding for Planned Parenthood.”

“But he voted 9 times to defund it.”

“Which one is it, Senator Heller?”

“How can we have a senator who doesn’t know where he stands?”