New Ad: State Rep. Mike Braun’s Record Doesn’t Match His Rhetoric

Contact: Chris Hayden


 New Ad: State Rep. Mike Braun’s Record Doesn’t Match His Rhetoric

Washington, D.C. (May 16, 2018) – Today, SMP released a new statewide ad in Indiana highlighting the fact that State Rep. Mike Braun’s campaign rhetoric and business record don’t line up. The ad features local news reports that explain the many contradictions between Braun’s campaign promises and his business practices. On the campaign trail Braun talks a big game about fighting for Hoosier workers, but in reality his company has taken government subsidies, been sued over poor working conditions and partnered with foreign companies instead of American based businesses.

“One quick look under the hood shows that State Rep. Mike Braun is just another typical politician who says one thing but does another,” said Chris Hayden, spokesperson for SMP. “From underpaying workers to importing goods from foreign countries, Braun’s record directly contradicts his campaign promises and shows that he routinely puts his personal profits over the well-being of his Hoosier employees. His contradictions prove he will say anything to get elected and he cannot be trusted to fight for Hoosier families in the Senate.”

Watch “Doesn’t Match” HERE.


“Meanwhile, Mike Braun is trying to convince Indiana voters he’ll stick up for workers.”

“A new investigative report questions some of Braun’s business practices.”

“His company has taken government subsidies.”

“Imports goods from the same overseas countries he’s criticized for taking American jobs.”

“And Braun’s company faces several lawsuits over working conditions.”

“Forced to work long hours in unsafe conditions…Denied overtime pay.”

“Mike Braun. He’s really not for you.”