New Ad: Rick Scott Reunited With Donald Trump, His Political Twin

Contact: Hannah Hurley

New Ad: Rick Scott Reunited With Donald Trump, His Political Twin

Washington, D.C. (October 31, 2018) – Today, as Donald Trump comes to Florida and Rick Scott joins his side, SMP released a new ad highlighting how much Rick Scott has in common with Donald Trump. Both Rick Scott and Donald Trump are wealthy, out-of-touch politicians with ethics problems who gave tax cuts to the rich. If Rick Scott were to be elected to the Senate, he would put his party bosses over the people of Florida and, together with Trump, he would cut Floridians’ health care, threaten their Social Security and Medicare and continue giving tax breaks to their wealthy cronies.

“Rick Scott and Donald Trump are a dangerous, ethically-challenged pair that together will give tax breaks to the rich while threatening Floridians’ Social Security, Medicare and health care,” said Hannah Hurley, spokesperson for SMP. “Floridians need a leader that will always fight for them; putting their needs before the desires of a political party or party bosses. Rick Scott will never be that leader. With Rick Scott in Washington he would be another vote for Trump 100% of the time and Floridians deserve better than that.”

Watch the ad “Same” HERE.


“They’re both hat guys.”

“Both have ethics problems.”

“Both gave big tax cuts to rich people like themselves.”

“Both want to defund Planned Parenthood.”

“So, if we send Rick Scott here….”

“He will keep putting Trump and his party over you.”

“Cutting health care.”

“Threatening Social Security and Medicare.”

“And yes, more tax breaks to people who don’t need them.”

“At a time when we need a check on Trump, Rick Scott is just one more vote for Trump.”