New Ad: Rick Scott Puts Insurance Companies First; Bill Nelson Puts Florida First

Contact: Chris Hayden

New Ad: Rick Scott Puts Insurance Companies First; Bill Nelson Puts Florida First

Washington, D.C. (July 11, 2018) – Today, SMP released a new statewide ad in Florida featuring a Florida ER doctor describing the health care problems plaguing Florida and contrasting Bill Nelson’s successful efforts to extend insurance protections with Rick Scott’s actions of putting insurance companies first. The doctor highlights the fact that despite Florida’s opioid crisis, doctor shortage and expensive care for seniors; Rick Scott still vetoed of millions of dollars in health care funds and refused federal money that would have given 750,000 Floridians health care.

“A governor who badly managed Florida’s health care system cannot be trusted to represent Florida in the United States Senate,” said Chris Hayden, spokesperson for SMP. “The only candidate in this race who has continuously stood up to the insurance companies and fought for coverage for all Floridians is Bill Nelson, and he is the only candidate that will always put Florida first.”

Watch the ad “See It All” HERE.


 “In here you see it all.”

“We got an opioid crisis,”

“A doctor shortage,”

“Seniors struggling to pay for care.”

“But even with all that Rick Scott vetoed millions in healthcare funds.”

“And refused federal funds that would’ve covered 750,000 Floridians.”

“Bill Nelson took on insurance companies; forcing them to cover people with pre-existing conditions.”

“And he’s working to lower costs and get more people covered, not less.”

“That’s the difference.”

“Scott puts insurance companies first; Bill Nelson puts Florida first.”