New Ad: Mississippians Deserve Better than Cindy Hyde-Smith

Contact: Hannah Hurley

New Ad: Mississippians Deserve Better than Cindy Hyde-Smith

Washington, D.C. (November 20th) – Today, SMP released our second statewide television advertisement in Mississippi targeting Cindy Hyde-Smith for looking out for herself and her insurance industry cronies at the expense of Mississippians. Cindy Hyde-Smith lobbied on behalf of health insurance companies and has taken their campaign contributions. In return, she has done their bidding in D.C; voting for junk insurance policies and voting to gut health care coverage for the people of Mississippi.

“Since Cindy Hyde-Smith has been in Washington she has only looked out for herself; greasing her campaign coffers with donations from the insurance industry and doing their bidding in return at Mississippians’ expense,” said Hannah Hurley, spokesperson for SMP. “Cindy Hyde-Smith has not shown that she actually cares about the needs of Mississippians. She voted to gut their health care coverage just to help out her special interest cronies. The people of Mississippi deserve more than playing second fiddle to the insurance industry and they deserve better than Cindy Hyde-Smith.”

Watch the ad “Junk” HERE.


“Cindy Hyde Smith takes care of herself on your dime.”

“Hyde-Smith lobbied in Washington for health insurance companies.”

“Now they’re giving her tens of thousands in campaign money.”

“And Hyde-Smith returns the favor.”

“Voting for junk insurance policies – gutting coverage for hospital stays, pre-existing conditions, even prescriptions.”

“Cindy Hyde-Smith plays the game.”

“She wins.”

“Insurance companies win.”

“You lose.”