New Ad: Kevin Cramer Sold Out North Dakota

Contact: Hannah Hurley


New Ad: Kevin Cramer Sold Out North Dakota

Washington, D.C. (July 31, 2018) – Today, SMP released a new statewide television ad in North Dakota featuring a real North Dakota rancher who calls out Kevin Cramer for voting for legislation that hurts North Dakota. The ad highlights Kevin Cramer’s vote to repeal the Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL) – a law that required the country of origin of beef and pork be listed at point of sale. Kevin Cramer supported the repeal of COOL despite the boost it would give to North Dakota’s economy. The ad underscores Cramer’s history of receiving campaign donations from special interests aligned with his votes on key legislation. Kevin Cramer received nearly $20,000 from special interest groups that also supported the repeal of COOL, including a contribution from a COOL opponent, on the same day he announced his support of repeal.

“Kevin Cramer sold out North Dakota for campaign cash from special interest groups,” said Hannah Hurley, spokesperson at SMP. “North Dakotans deserves a senator who will always put their needs first, and when given the choice between supporting North Dakota’s economy and doing the bidding of special interest groups, Kevin Cramer sided with the special interests. Kevin Cramer can’t be trusted to do right for North Dakotans.”

Watch the ad “Steaks” HERE.


“Three steaks.”

“This steak is high-quality North Dakota beef, and supports our economy.”

“These steaks…don’t.”

“They’re from other countries.”

“But you can’t tell the difference…thanks to Kevin Cramer.”

“Kevin Cramer voted to repeal Country of Origin Labeling.”

“And got almost twenty grand from special interests against the labels.”

“Cramer announced his position the same day he took money from them.”

“Kevin Cramer sold out North Dakota…again.”