New Ad: Josh Hawley Refuses To Investigate His Top Donor

Contact: Chris Hayden

New Ad: Josh Hawley Refuses To Investigate His Top Donor

Washington, D.C. (June 26, 2018) – Today, SMP released a new statewide ad in Missouri highlighting Josh Hawley’s relationship with a wealthy builder accused of cheating Missourians by selling them faulty roof shingles and then paying off Jefferson City lawmakers to block lawsuits on the matter.  The ad underscores the fact that Humphreys gave Josh Hawley’s campaign nearly $3 million and Josh Hawley refused to investigate Humphreys’ actions.

“Josh Hawley promised to clean up corruption in Jefferson City, but time after time he has shown that he is part of the problem,” said Chris Hayden, spokesperson for SMP. “Josh Hawley is supposed to fight for the people of Missouri, but when given the chance of protecting wealthy donors or middle class Missourians he chooses his donors. Once again it is clear, Missouri voters cannot trust Josh Hawley to look out for their families.”

Watch the ad “Shingles” HERE.


“It began with faulty roof shingles.”

“Sold to a Missouri church and homeowners by David Humphreys.”

“Now he’s accused of paying off lawmakers to block homeowners from suing.”

“But Humphreys has an important friend.

“Josh Hawley.”

“Humphrey’s gave nearly $3 million to Hawley’s campaign for Attorney General.”

“No wonder Hawley refused to investigate.”

“And admitted he never looked at the evidence.”

“Josh Hawley. Another politician we can’t trust.”