New Ad: Joe Manchin Stands with West Virginia Families to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Contact: Chris Hayden


New Ad: Joe Manchin Stands with West Virginia Families to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Washington, D.C. (May 11, 2018) Today, SMP released a statewide ad in West Virginia highlighting Joe Manchin’s leadership in the passage of Jessie’s Law, a law aimed at combating the opioid crisis named after West Virginia woman Jessie Grubb. The ad features Jessie’s father, David Grubb.

Jessie Grubb was a West Virginia woman who fought her addiction and got sober. Unfortunately, after a debilitating injury, her discharging doctor prescribed her opioids despite her parents’ warning to hospital personnel that she was a recovering addict. Tragically, this led to her relapse and death. Upon hearing Jessie’s story, Joe Manchin took action, and was determined to make sure this tragedy would never happen again. He helped secure the passage of Jessie’s Law, which requires medical personnel be made aware of a patient’s past opioid addiction.

“As the work to end the opioid epidemic continues, West Virginian families need Joe Manchin and his record of results on the front lines,” said Chris Hayden, spokesperson for SMP. “Joe’s work in passing Jessie’s Law is proof that he is committed to fighting the opioid epidemic and will stand up to anyone that gets in his way.”

Watch the ad “Jessie’s Law” HERE.



“Jessie was our second born…the ideal kid.”

“A so-called-friend said do you want to try heroin?”

“When she was in addiction she wasn’t Jessie.”

“We found a facility in Michigan. She said ‘Dad you don’t ever have to worry about me again.’”

“And then she had a running injury.”

“We had told the doctors Jessie is a recovering addict.”

“Eight times in her records that was recorded, and when they discharged her they gave her a prescription for 50 oxycodone.”

“The police found Jessie and she had died the night before.”

“I don’t think that we’ve ever really recovered from that.”

“One of the first phone calls we received was from Joe Manchin.”

“He just felt like that sort of thing should never happen again, and Joe said we’ve got to do something.”

“Jessie’s law requires hospitals to prominently display a history of addiction.”

“When it came down to what really matters in life – Joe was there.”