New Ad: Golden Boy Josh Hawley Is Selling Out Missourians For Campaign Cash

Contact: Hannah Hurley

New Ad: Golden Boy Josh Hawley Is Selling Out Missourians For Campaign Cash


Washington, D.C. (July 18, 2018) – Today, SMP released a new statewide ad in Missouri that continues to highlight Josh Hawley’s dereliction of duty as attorney general by failing to investigate allegations of corrupt behavior by his top donor, David Humphreys. The ad builds off of SMP’s previous statewide ad in Missouri that highlighted Josh Hawley’s relationship with David Humphreys and explained Humphreys’ alleged pay to play scheme. Humphreys is accused of paying off Jefferson City lawmakers to block lawsuits stemming from his alleged practice of selling faulty roof shingles to Missouri homeowners. The ad released today focuses on Hawley’s refusal to investigate Humphreys’ alleged pay-to-play scheme after Humphreys and his family gave Hawley’s campaign $4.5 million.

“Josh Hawley charmed his way into the attorney general’s office by promising to clean up corruption, but he has proved to be just another Jefferson City politician,” said Hannah Hurley, spokesperson for SMP. “When Golden Boy Josh Hawley’s wealthy donor was accused of cheating hardworking Missourians, Hawley refused to investigate; putting campaign cash over the well-being of the people of Missouri. He failed to protect Missourians as attorney general, and he cannot be trusted to fight for them in the Senate.”

Watch the ad “Golden” HERE.


“Josh Hawley. The golden boy.”

“He thinks he can get away with anything.”

“No wonder businessman David Humphreys and his family gave Josh Hawley $4.5 million dollars.”

“75% of the individual contributions to Hawley’s campaign.”

“When Humphreys was accused of a pay-to-play scheme with legislators,”

“The golden boy refused to investigate.”

“He even admitted he never looked at the evidence.”

“Josh Hawley.”

“He’s selling you out.”

“Because he’s not for you.”