TONIGHT: will GOP voters turn out or burn out?

The Romney campaign is already lowering expectations for their performance in tonight’s GOP primaries in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, where the remaining four candidates will vie for the attention of an increasingly uninspired Republican base.   Turnout trends from the previous contests in Nevada, Florida, New Hampshire and Iowa all proved underwhelming despite the Party’s […]

Michigan Republicans Criticize Hoekstra’s Ad

The Superbowl is a time for Americans to gather around a national pastime – the game, the grub, good company and more recently, the year’s most creative commercials.

But this year, Republican candidate for Senate, Pete Hoekstra left us all aghast with this offensive commercial, laden with racist undertones and bogus claims as his campaign made […]


Tammy Baldwin trumps opponents in fundraising

Numbers released today show Democrat Tammy Baldwin lapping her Republican opponents in fundraising for Wisconsin’s 2012 Senate race.

Baldwin put up big numbers today showing totals that more than double her Republican opponents. Her campaign reports raising $1.1 million over the reporting period and has $1.8 million on hand.

Republican Tommy Thompson, who hasn’t stood for […]

Connie Mack, Shameless Flak

After Senate candidate Connie Mack dropped back into Florida last week, he’s taken an odd tack in his public appearances. Rather than meeting with Floridians and hearing what’s important to them, Connie’s been doing the bidding of his fellow legacy-politician Mitt Romney in his new unofficial role as Newt Gingrich’s stalker.

Connie’s been spotted trailing Newt […]

Connie Mack & Freddie Mac

As it turns out, Newt and Mitt aren’t the only Republicans slamming Fannie and Freddie after having profited from them.

Joining the list of former-investors/current-critics is Senate Candidate Connie Mack and his wife, California Rep. Mary Bono Mack, who also turned a profit off Fannie and Freddie Mac.

The Miami Herald just reported in, “Freddie Mac […]

FLORIDA: Willard Romney & Cornelius McGillicuddy IV want your vote!

Quick – the Monopoly man is campaigning in Florida!

Actually, Willard and Cornelius aren’t made-up characters from the popular board game, they’re the real-life members of the 1% running for office in 2012. Some of us know them better as Mitt Romney and Connie Mack, and right now they’re competing in Florida’s Republican primary for President […]


All eyes on Florida – but where’s Connie?

As the GOP presidential primary sideshow moves south, all eyes fall on Florida to deliver a decision on who will represent the Republican Party in 2012. One leading contender is noticeably absent, however, and no, we’re not referring to Ron Paul, who’s decided to skip the sunshine state altogether.

It’s Connie Mack – the Republican House […]

GOP Two-Step Tactics: How will Florida Latinos React?

After South Carolina’s primary this Saturday, Florida is next on the horizon for the remaining Republican contenders. As the first state on the 2012 electoral calendar with a significant Latino population, Florida’s voters have the first opportunity to shed light on how the GOP will perform among spanish-speaking voters in 2012.

At last night’s debate, front-runner […]


What Iowa Says About GOP In 2012

Four years ago, it was widely believed that the GOP was dispirited, and that turned out to be true during the fall campaign. The weight of an enormously unpopular George W Bush, the lack of any exciting candidates, and the tremendous enthusiasm on the Democratic side – which drew many unaffiliated voters into voting on […]

WSJ: GOP Tax Cut Fight Hurting Senate Chances

It’s an op-ed that’s getting a lot of attention today, the Wall Street Journal’s “Forget it, guys, throw in the towel on this tax cut fiasco” jeremiad. But there’s one throwaway line that’s getting a little less play, but it’s true:

Mr. Obama is in a stronger re-election position today than he was a year […]

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