ABC News: “A GOP Mess in Massachusetts”

Scott Brown’s surprise announcement on Friday that he will not to run in the June special election to fill retiring Senator John Kerry (D-MA)’s seat has left Republicans in a desperate scramble to find a candidate.  ABC News runs down the GOP’s mess in Massachusetts:

Scott Brown? No. Former State Sen. Richard Tisei? No. Former Gov. […]

End-of-Year Video: 16 States

In the toughest races, in the toughest places, Majority PAC fought for Democrats and won. And you made it happen. Thank you.

Take a look at our new end-of-year video below, because we’ve got a lot to celebrate!

Thank you!

Wow, what an election. We didn’t know all of the results results on Election Night, and we didn’t win them all, but this was a tremendous year for Senate Democrats. Earlier today, Maine Senator-Elect Angus King decided to caucus with the Democrats, giving us an even stronger majority.

We went into this election with a theory: […]

Oops, I did it again. I forgot how many million-dollar homes I own.

Most Americans face problems like paying off debts, ensuring our families are healthy and well, and getting by while working hard during these tough times, and Senate candidate Tommy Thompson has some problems of his own.

Most recently, Thompson could not recall just how many homes he owned.  Was it three or four? Did the new […]


GOP Goes All-In On Radical Medicare Privatization Scheme

With Mitt Romney’s VP announcement over the weekend, it’s become clear that they’re betting the farm on a 19th century extremist agenda that leaves moderate, independent, and middle class voters on their own.

Paul Ryan’s agenda is the heart and soul of the Tea Party Playbook, and Republicans running for office across the United State are […]

Does some one want to tell Dean Heller what “I approve this message” means?

Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) dodged questions this week about the latest pot shots he’s taking against his Democratic opponent, Representative Shelley Berkley

Heller has been running negative ads attacking Berkley for weeks now, but when asked to comment on the assertions he’s making (which he “approves” in the ad itself, of course) he told reporters […]



Check out our first general election ad in Missouri highlighting Republican frontrunner John Brunner’s hypocrisy and fiscal mismanagement. Brunner has been running misleading TV ads against Sen. Claire McCaskill for months.

Brunner claims he’ll reduce spending, but he actually saddled his own company with hundreds of millions in debt and nearly drove it into the ground.

And his inability […]


“Bottom Line” Facts

Fact sheet for “Bottom Line,” our new ad in Missouri. Watch the ad online here:




Back Up

ANNCR:  He keeps saying he’ll bring down the debt.

John Brunner TV ad.
Brunner: They will not cut spending.  But I will.
John Brunner Campaign Commercial, “Numbers,” uploaded 5/8/12

John Brunner’s business record says something else.
ANNCR: But John Brunner’s business […]


TPM: Dem Senate Super PAC Raises $5.4 Million In 2nd Quarter

Majority PAC, a super PAC backing the Democratic Senate candidates and incumbents, announced Thursday that it had raised $5.4 million during the second quarter of 2012. The group has $4.6 million cash on hand.

Though the amount is small compared to what Republican super PACs are bringing in, the group says its momentum is growing and that […]

“Changed” FACTS

Majority PAC – “Changed”

Visual:Rick Berg 100% Party on Key Votes Source: Washington Post Votes Database, 5/29/12

Audio: To get ahead in Washington, Rick Berg voted the party line to end Medicare as we know it.Sources: Roll Call Votes 151, 3/29/12; 277, 4/15/11; Wall Street Journal, 4/4/11
Washington Post: Berg Has Voted With His Party 100% Of The […]

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