Our Mission

Senate Majority PAC was founded by experienced, aggressive Democratic strategists with one mission: To win Senate races.

In 2010, the Citizens United decision allowed Karl Rove and a network of Republican-aligned outside groups to raise and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on false negative ads against Democratic Senators and Senate candidates. Democrats only engaged in outside spending in a few races, resulting in lopsided TV advertising that overwhelmed our candidates and contributed to some crushing Democratic losses in 2010.

In the face of that threat, Senate Majority PAC formed in 2011 to make sure that our Democratic Senators and candidates would not be forced to face such overwhelming odds against them again. Running transparent, low-overhead, take-no-prisoners independent campaigns, we defend Democrats from Republican attacks, aggressively contest open Senate seats, and go after Republicans on their own turf.

The threat has only gotten worse since 2010 with the rise of the Republican dark money network. Last cycle, they threatened to spend almost a BILLION dollars against our Democratic candidates.

In the face of this increasing threat, our mission is more critical than ever. In 2018, we will work to elect Democratic senators who are committed to an economy that provides opportunity and security for America’s working families, not just those at the top, and who stand up to protect the rights of all Americans. And we will fight to hold Republicans accountable for their radical proposals to sabotage the healthcare of millions of Americans, give more tax breaks to millionaires while cutting Medicare and education, and roll back basic environmental protections for our air, water, and climate.