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April 19, 2017


New Majority Forward Radio Ad: Claire McCaskill Is Working to Protect Rural Health Care

Washington, DC – Majority Forward announced a new statewide radio campaign starting today to thank Senator Claire McCaskill for focusing on what’s right for Missouri.

The campaign’s first ad, “Daughter,” highlights Senator McCaskill’s background growing up in rural Missouri and her fight in the Senate to protect rural hospitals to ensure all of Missouri has access to quality health care.

To listen to the new ad, click here:
“Senator McCaskill has always been a fighter for rural Missouri,” said JB Poersch, President of Majority Forward. “She never backs down when it comes to protecting her home state. This is just the beginning of our efforts to highlight her important work in the Senate on behalf of Missouri.”

A transcript of the new ad is included below.


Announcer: They’re our lifelines to safety in times of medical emergencies.   Without them, there’d be nowhere to go.

Announcer: But today, hospitals in rural Missouri are in crisis. Nearly half are at risk of shutting down. That’s why Senator Claire McCaskill is fighting back.

Announcer: A daughter of rural Missouri, Claire McCaskill’s determined to protect rural health care. Born in Rolla, raised in the small towns of Houston and Lebanon, Missouri, her father worked at the local feed mill.  Her mother’s family ran the corner drug store.

Announcer: Now, Claire’s working to give rural Missouri its fair share of Medicare funding. In the Senate, she’s working to pass the Rural Hospital Access Act. Because McCaskill knows we have to make sure that all of Missouri gets access to quality, affordable care.

Announcer: With all the fighting in Washington, it’s Claire McCaskill who’s focused on doing what’s right for Missouri.

Announcer: Paid for by Majority Forward


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