Senate Majority PAC and NEA Advocacy Fund today launched a new ad campaign in Indiana holding Todd Young accountable for siding with companies that ship Hoosier jobs overseas. The ad highlights how Young took donations from the corporate executive who promoted layoffs of 2,100 Carrier workers when the company decided to move jobs to Mexico.  In total, Young has taken nearly $20,000 in contributions from the company behind those layoffs and its executives, and Young has even voted to protect tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas.  Young has also said he was “philosophically opposed” to trade adjustment assistance to help workers hurt by outsourcing.=

“During his time in Washington, Congressman Young has failed to step up for Indiana working families, and even took campaign contributions from a corporate executive involved in laying off 2,100 Hoosier workers,” said Peggy Yang, spokeswoman for Senate Majority PAC. “Young takes care of himself, not Hoosier families.”

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