As part of an aggressive, five state multi million dollar campaign, Senate Majority PAC launched ads targeting Congressman Tom Cotton in Arkansas and Republican National Committee Member Terri Lynn Land in Michigan

In Arkansas, the 30 second ad titled “Connect The Dots,” highlights how prior to serving in Congress, Tom Cotton had a lucrative career being paid by insurance companies. Now, in Congress, Cotton wants to end Medicare’s guarantee which would give billions in profit to insurance companies at the expense of Arkansas seniors.

In Michigan, the 30 second ad titled “Them,” shows how Land wants to let insurance companies deny people care when sick and women’s access to health care would be cut and costs increase. That is why billionaires are spending millions to prop up her campaign.

Both ads will air across the state on both broadcast and cable.

So far this cycle, Senate Majority PAC has supported campaigns to fight back against the Koch Brothers and other conservative groups in Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Kentucky, and Alaska.

What is Senate Majority PAC?

Senate Majority PAC is fighting to take back the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. The Koch Brothers' secret network spent untold hundreds of millions to buy Senate seats for their right-wing candidates, but with your help, we will win back our Senate majority and put a stop to their destructive right-wing agenda.