When Karl Rove’s top lieutenants started the American Crossroads spin off, Kentuckians For A Strong Leadership, their goal was clear: create an organization that would shed the tarnished Crossroads brand, sound like it had strong support from Kentuckians, and be solely devoted to defending Mitch McConnell, whose 30 year record of gridlock and obstruction made him extremely vulnerable.

But their latest FEC report shows even further evidence that they are simply a Crossroads offshoot, without much Kentucky support. Just 2% of Kentuckians For Strong Leadership funding came from Kentucky, while 75% of their funding came from Crossroads donors.

Additionally, Kentuckians For A Strong Leadership paid American Crossroads to develop their online web presences for them.

Rove and his aides knew that American Crossroads, with  distrust from the Tea Party base and weariness from major donors, couldn’t successfully defend the establishment entrenched McConnell. So they tried to start a “new” group. Yet, no matter how hard they try, there is no denying the fact that Kentuckians for Strong Leadership is simply an American Crossroads subsidy


Kentuckians for Strong Leadership and American Crossroads Share The Same Donors:

  • Three-quarters of the money raised by Kentuckians for Strong Leadership (or $875,000 of the $1,181,000 KSL raised in the first half of 2013) came from American Crossroads donors.[1]
  • Just 2% of the money KSL raised came from Kentucky. Of KSL’s $1,181,000 raised, $20,000 came from Kentucky donors.[2]
  • Of the 19 Kentuckians for Strong Leadership donors, 10 have given to American Crossroads since Crossroads’ inception. Tucker Bridwell, John W. Childs, Joe Craft, Philip H. Geier, Jr., J.J. Matthews, Thomas E. McInerney, John L. Nau, Bob Perry, Dian Graves Stai and Donald Trump are all KSL and American Crossroads donors.[3]


Kentuckians for Strong Leadership and American Crossroads Are Led By The Same GOP Establishment Operatives:

  • KSL’s Board Members Include American Crossroads President Steven Law.[4]
  • KSL Senior Adviser Scott Jennings Is A Former Deputy Of Karl Rove, Who Founded American Crossroads.[5]
  • KSL And American Crossroads Share The Same Treasurer: Caleb Crosby.[6]


Kentuckians For Strong Leadership Even Reimbursed American Crossroads $181.31 For Internet Services.[7]


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