Just Like Mitt Romney, Gomez Isn’t Looking Out For The Middle Class


(Washington DC) From cuts to Social Security, to loosening regulations on Wall Street, to providing tax breaks for the wealthy, Senate Majority PAC’s new television ad lays out in stark terms why the middle class can’t trust Gabriel Gomez.


The 30 second ad “Look Out” is the second ad that Senate Majority PAC has released highlighting Gomez’s dangerous and out of touch economic policies.


“Gabriel Gomez is running a Mini-Mitt campaign based on the same Wall Street agenda that was rejected by voters throughout the United States last year,” said Craig Varoga, strategist with Senate Majority PAC. “Our ad clearly shows that Gomez has tied himself to Mitt Romney’s economic plan of putting Wall Street back in charge at the expense of the middle class.”


The ad is part of the paid media campaign launched earlier by Senate Majority PAC.


To watch the ad click here. For more information click here


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