To: Interested Parties

From: Craig Varoga, Strategist, Senate Majority PAC

RE: Gabriel Gomez Is Mitt Romney Jr.

Date: 4-30-13

After an historically low-turnout primary, Gabriel Gomez is now bringing his “I am Mitt Romney Jr.” campaign to the general election. From protecting special tax breaks for billionaires at the expense of seniors and students, to surrounding himself with political insiders from Romney 2012, to talking out of both sides of his mouth, Gabriel Gomez is running a “Mini Me” retread of Mitt Romney’s epic failure of a presidential campaign. Maybe that’s why Gomez’s staff is a Romney reunion.


Gomez Is Out Of Step With Massachusetts On The Issues (And In Step With Obstructionist, Rightwing Republicans In Congress):

    • Wants To Cut Seniors’ Benefits: While Gomez himself is a multi-millionaire, he wants to raise the retirement age for Social Security, reduce cost of living increases forfuture retirees and means test Medicare.[1] Geez, a multi-millionaire who wants to cut hard-earned benefits for seniors – sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
    • Wants To Protect Tax Cuts For Millionaires and Billionaires: Instead of a balanced, common sense plan to tackle our debt and deficit, Gomez wants to protect millionaires and billionaires while taking a meat cleaver to programs that help the middle class. [2]  If that’s not “I Am Mitt Romney, Jr.,” nothing is. 


While Gomez Claims To Be A Political Outsider, His Actions And Associations Tell A Different Story:

    • In 2012, Gomez Was the Official Spokesperson of a Discredited Smear Campaign: During the 2012 Presidential campaign, Gomez was the face of a conservative political organization known as “OpSec.”[4] Staffed by Tea Party radicals, OpSec was a reckless organization with only one purpose — smear President Obama and help Mitt Romney. [5]   Not exactly a surprise from an opportunist who talks out of both sides of his mouth.
    • Gomez’s Republican Opponents Highlighted His “Typical Politician” Behavior: In his now infamous letter to Governor Patrick in which Gomez begged to be appointed to John Kerry’s Senate seat, Gomez proved in spectacular fashion that he would say and do anything to get into elected office. As his Republican primary opponent Dan Winslow so aptly put it, “When people talk outside both sides of their mouth that’s my definition of a career politician”[6]
    • Gomez Has Surrounded Himself With Political Insiders: Gomez has proven his insider status by surrounding himself with supporters and advisors who played a keyrole in Mitt Romney’s discredited and losing presidential campaign. Whether it’s being shown around the Beltway by Romney insider Ron Kaufman, or a super PAC supporting him that’s run by Romney “alter ego” Eric Fehrnstrom, Gomez looks and acts like a Romney Retread.[7]


While Gabriel Gomez claims to be independent and claims to be some type of political newcomer, his record shows a different story. Gomez has quickly shown in every way that he is nothing but Mitt Romney Jr, and the people of Massachusetts know better than anyone how devastating it would be to put Gomez in office.


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