Continuing Offensive, Majority PAC Targets GOP-Held Seats in Indiana, Nevada 

Reinforcing Strong Democratic Campaigns in North Dakota, Pennsylvania

Washington, D.C. [October 24, 2012] – Majority PAC today announced the launch of the latest ads in its ongoing campaigns in Indiana, Nevada, and North Dakota. Additionally, the campaign announced a new ad in Pennsylvania, where Tea Party self-funding candidate Tom Smith has bombarded the airwaves in recent weeks.

The Indiana ad, “Inflict,” uses Richard Mourdock’s own words to emphasize his refusal to work across party lines to get things done in Washington, and his extreme agenda to gut Medicare and the Department of Education at the expense of Indiana families. “Inflict” is available here, with backup available here.

The Nevada ad, “Nine Times,” slams Dean Heller for his multiple votes for billions in tax breaks for Big Oil while voting to end tax cuts for Nevada families. “Nine Times” is available here with backup available here. Majority PAC’s allies Patriot Majority USA, SEIU, AFSCME and Emily’s List are also on the air in support of Berkley.

The North Dakota ad, “Issues,” features several North Dakota voters criticizing Rick Berg for endangering Social Security and Medicare, for voting against raising the minimum wage, and for failing to be the independent voice that North Dakota needs in Washington. “Issues” is available here with backup available here.

The Pennsylvania ad, “Education,” contrasts Bob Casey’s strong record of supporting education for middle class families and Tom Smith’s Tea Party agenda to eliminate the Department of Education, hurting Pennsylvania children. “Education” is available here with backup available here.

Majority PAC’s other ads are available on YouTube here. For more information about Majority PAC, visit our website at


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