Voters Want a Senator to Fight for Indiana Jobs, Not One Who Works Against Them

WASHINGTON D.C. [10/2/12] – Majority PAC, AFSCME and Center Forward today announced the launch of a $1 million advertising campaign in Indiana reminding voters that Richard Mourdock spent taxpayer dollars trying to stop the Chrysler rescue and its 100,000 Indiana jobs. The ad follows a recent buy from Karl Rove’s American Crossroads.

The ad, “Stand Together,” highlights Mourdock’s own declaration that he doesn’t feel the need to support for Indiana jobs, and the millions of taxpayer dollars he wasted by filing a lawsuit to stop the Chrysler rescue.

“Richard Mourdock was loud and clear that his priority is not to fight for Indiana jobs. In fact, he spent millions in taxpayer dollars suing to kill the Chrysler bailout which saved more than 100,000 jobs in Indiana,” said Rebecca Lambe, strategist for Majority PAC.

“Richard Mourdock’s actions have shown that he does not put the hard working men and women of Indiana first.  Instead of fighting for Indiana families, he hired a New York law firm to try and block the rescue of 100,000 jobs,” said Seth Johnson, AFSCME Assistant Political Director.  “Indiana needs a Senator who will stand up for good jobs and a strong economy, not someone who will put his constituents second.”

“The extreme partisanship that Richard Mourdock champions is exactly why Washington is broken,” said Cori Smith, Executive Director of Center Forward. “Joe Donnelly is a centrist who consistently works across party lines to put good policy before politics on behalf of Hoosiers. We need more people like Joe in the United States Senate if we have any hope of addressing the issues facing this country in a real and meaningful way.”

“Stand Together” begins running Tuesday. The ad is available here, with backup available here.

Majority PAC’s other ads are available on YouTube here. For more information about Majority PAC, AFSCME, and Center Forward, visit our websites at http://www.Majority2012.com 


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