New TV Ad Rebukes Josh Mandel For Neglecting His Job In Favor Of Hobnobbing With Donors

Opportunist Josh Mandel Began His Senate Campaign Less Than Three Months After Becoming Ohio’s Treasurer

WASHINGTON D.C. [5/10/12] – Majority PAC will begin running its first television ad in the Ohio Senate race today, targeting Josh Mandel for ignoring his responsibilities to Ohioans in favor of a direct jump from his campaign for Treasurer to his campaign for Senate.

In a blatantly hypocritical move, Mandel began his U.S. Senate campaign last year less than three months after being sworn in as State Treasurer, despite promising to serve his full term if elected Treasurer. Since then, he has ignored responsibilities and skipped official meetings in favor of fundraisers in Hawaii and DC.

The ad also holds Mandel accountable for quickly supporting a radical budget that would cut jobs and cut Social Security.

“Josh Mandel has no interest in serving the people of Ohio. His record makes it very clear that all Josh Mandel cares about is the next election and the next promotion, instead of buckling down and doing his job like the taxpayers are paying him to do. He is too eager to move up the ladder at the expense of Ohio’s working families, ” said Majority PAC strategist J.B. Poersch.

The ad, called “Running Man,” is available here.  The six-figure ad buy will cover the Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and Cincinnati markets.  Transcript and backup for “Running Man” are available here.

Last week, Majority PAC began an ad campaign in Virginia to fight back against Crossroads GPS’ attacks on former Governor Tim Kaine. Within the last two weeks, Majority PAC and Patriot Majority USA have also run ads in Montana and Missouri.

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