New Report Further Links Kentuckians For Strong Leadership With American Crossroads

When Karl Rove’s top lieutenants started the American Crossroads spin off, Kentuckians For A Strong Leadership, their goal was clear: create an organization that would shed the tarnished Crossroads brand, sound like it had strong support from Kentuckians, and be solely devoted to defending Mitch McConnell, whose 30 year record of gridlock and obstruction made […]

Senate Majority PAC Launches Newest Ad In “30 Years Is Too Long Campaign”

Ad Highlights “Guardian of Gridlock” Mitch McConnell’s Stunning Loss of Power

As part of the ongoing “30 Years Is Too Long Campaign,” a television ad launched highlights Mitch McConnell’s stunning loss of power and how his political tactics have hurt Kentuckians.

The ad focuses on the political gridlock that McConnell has inflicted on Washington, and how even […]

Patriot Majority USA And Senate Majority PAC Launch Ad Campaign Targeting Tom Cotton

Patriot Majority USA and Senate Majority PAC launched a new television ad highlighting Tom Cotton putting his national ambitions ahead of Arkansans.

While Cotton has been a media darling, appearing on numerous national television shows, he has consistently voted against Arkansans including voting for a plan that would essentially end Medicare.

The ad, titled “glitz,” will be […]

Senate Majority PAC and Patriot Majority USA Launch Pandora and Digital Ads Targeting Mitch McConnell

As part of their ongoing “30 Years Is Too Long” campaign, Senate Majority PAC and Patriot Majority USA are using highly targeted Pandora and digital ads to show Kentuckians why it’s time to switch from Mitch McConnell.

The ads will focus on McConnell’s votes to cut Medicare, raise his own pay and bail out Wall Street […]

Senate Majority PAC and Patriot Majority USA Launch “30 Years Is Too Long” Campaign Aimed At Mitch McConnell

Groups Responds To Flood Of Money From McConnell And His Allies

As Mitch McConnell and his allies are already pouring money into the Kentucky senate race, Senate Majority PAC and Patriot Majority USA launched the 30 Years Is Too Long Campaign.

The 30 Years Is Too Long Campaign will be a continuous effort through the Election and […]

New Senate Majority PAC Ad Show Why Voters Can’t Trust Gabriel Gomez

Just Like Mitt Romney, Gomez Isn’t Looking Out For The Middle Class


(Washington DC) From cuts to Social Security, to loosening regulations on Wall Street, to providing tax breaks for the wealthy, Senate Majority PAC’s new television ad lays out in stark terms why the middle class can’t trust Gabriel Gomez.


The 30 second ad “Look Out” […]

New Survey Results Show Republican Tea Party Agenda Unpopular With Iowa Voters

(Washington DC) After running a week-long online survey in Iowa to gauge voters’ opinion of the Tea Party, Senate Majority PAC  released the results showing their extreme agenda is wildly unpopular.


The survey was promoted widely through out the state and focused on key issues such as Social Security, education and taxes.


“It is clear that the […]

New Senate Majority PAC Ad Highlights Gomez’s Plan To Cut Social Security

New Senate Majority PAC Ad Highlights Gomez’s Plan To Cut Social Security

(Washington DC) In a new ad released today titled “Trust,” Senate Majority PAC shows in stark terms how Gabriel Gomez’s plan for Social Security would be devastating to Massachusetts’ seniors.

The ad lays out how a Gomez’s plan could cut $127 billion from Social Security and […]

As Tea Party Republicans Seek Candidate In Iowa Senate Race, Senate Majority PAC Surveys Iowa Voters To Gauge Support For Tea Party Agenda

Survey Looks To Find Popularity Of Extreme Tea Party Positions

(Washington DC) As Tea Party Republicans are grooming candidates to run in the Iowa Senate race, today Senate Majority PAC released an online survey to determine support for the Tea Party agenda across the Hawkeye state.

The survey focuses on several key issues including Social Security, the […]

Meet Mitt Romney Jr.

To: Interested Parties

From: Craig Varoga, Strategist, Senate Majority PAC

RE: Gabriel Gomez Is Mitt Romney Jr.

Date: 4-30-13

After an historically low-turnout primary, Gabriel Gomez is now bringing his “I am Mitt Romney Jr.” campaign to the general election. From protecting special tax breaks for billionaires at the expense of seniors and students, to surrounding himself with political […]

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