Senate Majority PAC Launches Digital Ad Campaign in New Hampshire On SCOTUS Vacancy, Donald Trump

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC is today announcing the launch of a new digital advertising campaign to complement last week’s television ad campaign, highlighting how Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) is putting Donald Trump and partisan politics ahead of her job responsibilities and constitutional duties with respect to the Supreme Court. The digital advertising campaign is […]

New Senate Majority PAC Ad: New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte Puts Donald Trump and Partisan Politics First

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC is today releasing a new advertisement highlighting how Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) is putting Donald Trump and partisan politics ahead of her job responsibilities and constitutional duties. The ad notes that Ayotte is siding with Trump and her party bosses in refusing to consider any Supreme Court nominee to replace the late […]

New Senate Majority PAC Digital Advertising Campaign: Rob Portman Isn’t Working for Ohio

Senate Majority PAC today is launching a new statewide digital campaign highlighting how Rob Portman isn’t working for Ohio, first focusing on how the Republican has failed Ohio seniors over the course of his career. In Washington, Rob Portman has:

Voted to end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system.
Voted to […]

Senate Majority PAC Launches Digital Ad Campaign in Nevada

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC is launching a new digital advertising campaign in Nevada today, highlighting how Washington has changed Joe Heck.  As outlined in a report released yesterday, in Washington, Heck consistently stands with Congressional Republicans to push a special interest, self-serving agenda. This point is exemplified by Heck consistently […]

NEW REPORT: Washington Has Changed Joe Heck

Washington has changed Joe Heck and today Senate Majority PAC is releasing a new report detailing exactly how. Despite pledging to serve in Congress as an independent voice for Nevadans, Heck’s record show he has been anything but; in reality, he has joined his fellow Republicans in Congress to consistently advocate for a special interest, […]

Senate Majority PAC Launches $1.5 Million National Digital Advertising Campaign for 2016 Cycle

National Effort Will Hold Republicans Accountable for Reckless Priorities and Agenda

Campaign Begins In Pennsylvania, Highlighting Pat Toomey’s Record of Voting with His Party 93% of the Time, 100% With Kochs in 2015

Washington, DC – Today Senate Majority PAC announced the launch of a national, $1.5 million digital advertising campaign for the 2016 election […]

NEW REPORT: Partisan Pat Toomey Puts Ideological Republicans First

Pat Toomey is not who he says he is. In reality, Toomey votes in lock step with partisan and ideological Washington Republicans on the most pressing issues facing people across Pennsylvania.  The numbers don’t lie: since arriving in the Senate, Toomey has voted with partisan Republicans 93% of the time, and for the Koch Brothers’ […]

NEW POLL: Strickland Leads Portman 46-43 in Ohio Senate Race

Washington, DC – Despite heavy spending on attacks from Republicans, including $1.5 million from the Koch Brothers front-group Americans for Prosperity, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland leads incumbent Senator Rob Portman 46-43 in a newly released poll conducted for Senate Majority PAC.  Harstad Strategic Research’s survey of 813 randomly selected likely 2016 voters used live […]

MEMO: New Hampshire Can’t Trust Kelly Ayotte’s Rhetoric

TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Shripal Shah, Senate Majority PAC

DATE: September 28, 2015

RE: New Hampshire Can’t Trust Kelly Ayotte’s Rhetoric  

Now that she’s running for re-election, Kelly Ayotte is trying to rewrite her record and hoping people across New Hampshire don’t notice. But when it comes to government shutdowns and women’s healthcare, Kelly Ayotte’s record is very […]

Senate Majority PAC Launches New Ad in New Hampshire

Second Television Ad of the Cycle Highlights Kelly Ayotte’s Commitment to Special Interests at New Hampshire’s Expense

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC today released its second television ad of the 2016 election cycle, a new spot in New Hampshire that highlights Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte’s commitment to Washington special interests at New Hampshire’s expense.  […]

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