No-Show Treasurer Josh Mandel Chooses Jetting To The Bahamas For Fundraisers Over Doing His Job

WASHINGTON D.C. [7/5/12] – Majority PAC launches a new ad in Ohio today on the heels of new, misleading attacks on Sherrod Brown from the shadowy “American Commitment” group.

“Josh Mandel can’t run on his record because it’s a record […]


Wall St. Journal Slams Right-Wing Rehberg’s “Independent” Claim

Republican Dennis Rehberg is at it again: trying to malign Jon Tester and mislead Montana voters into thinking he’s a middle-of-the-road choice on November’s ballot.

But we know better, and so do voters like Steve Charter, a rancher from Yellowstone County featured in this video:

Yesterday the Wall St. Journal joined the chorus of outlets exposing Rehberg […]


Politifact cites “Recycled Rubbish” in Rove’s latest attack in Virginia

Rove’s Crossroads groups are at it again in Virginia – manufacturing lies in their attack ad that desperately attempts to prop up George Allen for Senate.

Citing Rove’s “recycled rubbish,” Politifact added their fact-checking to the growing array of sources calling out Crossroads’ lies.

We need your help to shed light on the truth. Every dollar […]



With Launch Of New Ad In Virginia Today, Majority PAC And Allies Now On The Air Supporting Democrats In Six Key Senate Races

WASHINGTON D.C. [6/17/12] – Majority PAC launches a new ad in Virginia today in its campaign to protect Democratic Senators and Senate candidates from the barrage of spending from Karl Rove’s […]

“Only One” Facts

Majority PAC – Virginia

“Only One”



Narrator: Only one candidate for Senate actually served in Congress…and look what George Allen did to Virginia while he was there.


Narrator: He turned the largest budget surplus into a massive federal deficit.
In 2000, The Congressional Budget Office Projected The “Largest Federal Budget Surplus Ever.” According to […]


Dean Heller Would End Medicare As We Know It

Our allies at Patriot Majority USA released a statement yesterday in conjunction with their second television spot of the year in Nevada exposing the record of former stockbroker Dean Heller.

Craig Varoga, President of Patriot Majority USA said, “Our new TV ad sets the record straight and fights back against the millions that Crossroads will spend to defend […]


“Old Fashioned” Radio Ad

Listen to our latest radio ad up in North Dakota here: Old Fashioned


Maybe I am a little old fashioned but just weeks after being sworn into Congress Rick Berg was off running for the Senate


He’s getting a little ahead of himself isn’t he?


Berg Announced His Candidacy For […]

Rove dusts off 2010’s ‘lie of the year’ in new Montana ad.

Is it possible Karl Rove is running out of lies?  His new Crossroads GPS ad in Montana is falling back on what Politifact deemed 2010’s “Lie of the Year” in a desperate attempt to slander Democrat Jon Tester.

Politifact deemed the mischaracterization of the Affordable Care Act as a “government takeover of health care” the […]

Heather Wilson: Get to know one of the ‘Most Corrupt Members of Congress”

Tuesday night, New Mexico Republicans nominated former Congresswoman Heather Wilson, a politician deemed “one of the most corrupt Members of Congress,” in the race for the US Senate this fall.

Former Congresswoman Wilson spent years in Washington voting herself pay raises in Congress while she repeatedly opposed raising the minimum wage. She supported tax breaks for […]


New Poll Says Tim Kaine And Sherrod Brown Have Boosted Their Leads

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Crossroads groups led by Karl Rove, and the other usual suspects from the Right poured millions of dollars into early attack ads on Senator Sherrod Brown in Ohio and Tim Kaine in Virginia.

With your support, we’ve been fighting back against these false attacks and countering their baseless rhetoric with […]


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