Joe Heck Voted Against Banning Suspected Terrorists from Buying Guns 23 Times

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC’s newest Nevada ad highlights Joe Heck’s repeated votes against banning suspected terrorists from buying guns.  In total, Heck voted 23 times against banning terrorists from buying guns in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino last year.

“Joe Heck had 23 chances to do the right thing and […]

New Senate Majority PAC Poll Shows Bayh Strongly Positioned to Win Indiana’s Senate Race

Washington, DC – Despite heavy spending from Republican special interests on attack ads, Evan Bayh maintains an 18-point lead, 54-36, over Republican Congressman Todd Young in the race for Indiana’s open Senate seat.  According to the poll, Bayh has a well-defined, positive reputation in Indiana that results in him enjoying strength across Indiana’s moderate electorate.

To […]

Pat Toomey: “I have had a perfect record with the NRA.”

Washington, DC –  Senate Majority PAC is releasing a new ad in Pennsylvania today that features Pat Toomey in his own words bragging about his “perfect record” with the NRA. The ad, featuring footage of Toomey from just three weeks ago, draws a clear contrast between Katie McGinty and Pat Toomey on gun violence prevention issues […]

New Senate Majority PAC Ad Highlights Obama, Biden Endorsement of Patrick Murphy in Florida

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC today released a new advertisement supporting Democrat Patrick Murphy in Florida that highlights President Obama and Vice President Biden’s endorsement of the Congressman. The ad notes that Murphy has a fought to strengthen Social Security and Medicare, protect a woman’s right to choose, and against Tea Party obstructionism in […]

New Senate Majority PAC Ad Hits Rob Portman’s Trade Record

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC is today releasing the second installment in a series of advertisements on Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s record that has hurt Ohio’s middle-class, this time zeroing in on Portman’s history of supporting trade policies that have cost the state hundreds of thousands in jobs. In Washington, Portman has not only voted […]

New Senate Majority PAC Ad Campaign Uncovers the Truth on Rob Portman

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC is launching a new campaign in Ohio today to uncover the truth about Rob Portman’s record.  The new series of advertisements will air on television stations across Ohio and begins with a focus on Rob Portman’s history of working for big banks and Wall Street at the expense of people […]

New Senate Majority PAC Ad Campaign: Joe Heck Is Putting Big Banks Before Nevada

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC is returning to the airwaves in Nevada today with a new ad campaign that highlights Joe Heck’s record of working for big banks and Wall Street at the expense of people across Nevada.  In total, Heck has collected more than $300,000 in campaign contributions from Wall Street and big banks, […]

Senate Majority PAC: Rob Portman Is Not for Ohio Seniors

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC is today launching a new Ohio ad that zeroes in on Rob Portman’s long time support for Social Security privatization, a risky plan to gamble retirement savings on Wall Street which would make big banks billions in fees, even if the market were to crash.  In total, Portman has […]

Kelly Ayotte’s Washington Priorities Are Wrong For New Hampshire

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC’s latest ad in New Hampshire highlights how Kelly Ayotte’s Washington priorities are wrong for the Granite State.  The ad specifically points to Ayotte’s repeated votes to turn Medicare into a voucher program while simultaneously voting to cut taxes for millionaires.  The ad notes that in contrast, Governor Maggie Hassan […]

MEMO: Donald Trump, Kelly Ayotte, and National Security

TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Shripal Shah, Senate Majority PAC

DATE: June 16, 2016

RE: Donald Trump, Kelly Ayotte, and National Security

You cannot claim with a straight face to wake up “every day with a sense of purpose to keep us safe and make sure our kids grow up in a safer, more secure world,” […]

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