Todd Young’s Reckless Agenda Hurts Hoosier Families

Senate Majority PAC’s newest ad campaign in Indiana continues to focus on Todd Young’s reckless agenda in Washington that hurts Hoosier families, this time zeroing in on his opposition to efforts that would make college more affordable and rein in student loan debt.  The new ad features a testimonial from Cheryl Crookshanks of Carmel, Indiana […]

Joe Heck is for the Koch Brothers and Big Oil, Not Nevada

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC’s latest ad campaign in Nevada highlights how Joe Heck has spent his career working for the Koch Brothers and their special interest agenda, not Nevada.  In Washington, Heck and his fellow Republicans in Congress have supported an agenda that gives tax breaks to millionaires and big corporations – all […]

Senate Majority PAC, AFSCME PEOPLE Launch New Ad Campaign In Florida

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC and AFSCME PEOPLE today unveiled a new ad campaign in Florida that highlights Marco Rubio’s reckless attacks on Medicare and Social Security. Rubio has said the programs “weakened us as a people,” and in the Senate, both called for cuts to Social Security and voted for plans to privatize […]

Senate Majority PAC Ad Again Features Pat Toomey in His Own Words

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC latest ad campaign again focuses on Pat Toomey’s long and well documented record of supporting a reckless trade agenda that’s wrong for Pennsylvania. In Washington, Toomey has voted for seven separate trade deals that have cost Pennsylvania jobs and even voted to grant the Chinese special trade status, despite […]

Kelly Ayotte Works for Special Interests, Not New Hampshire

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC’s newest ad campaign in New Hampshire again highlights how Kelly Ayotte has been working for special interests, not the Granite State.  The ad points to Ayotte’s votes to protect tax breaks for special interests like big oil companies who have invested millions to help her campaigns, contrasted with her […]

Patrick Murphy Strongly Positioned in Florida

Washington, DC – New research from Senate Majority PAC shows Patrick Murphy well positioned to win in Florida against incumbent Republican Senator Marco Rubio. The research, conducted by Civis Analytics, shows that Murphy not only maintains a 1-point advantage against Rubio in the head to head matchup but also leads 51.6%-48.4% in the allocated model.  […]

Kelly Ayotte Stands With Special Interests, Not New Hampshire Students

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC is today launching a new ad campaign in New Hampshire to highlight how Kelly Ayotte stands with special interests over Granite State students.  In the Senate, Ayotte has voted to cut Pell Grants and raise interest rates on student loans. At the same time, she has voted to protect special […]

New Senate Majority PAC Ad Highlights Clear Choice for Pennsylvania Voters

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC is today launching a new ad campaign in Pennsylvania that highlights the clear choice voters will have between Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty this November.  The ad notes that while McGinty will protect a woman’s right to choose, supports clean energy jobs, and will stand up to the gun lobby, […]

Joe Heck Voted Against Banning Suspected Terrorists from Buying Guns 23 Times

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC’s newest Nevada ad highlights Joe Heck’s repeated votes against banning suspected terrorists from buying guns.  In total, Heck voted 23 times against banning terrorists from buying guns in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino last year.

“Joe Heck had 23 chances to do the right thing and […]

New Senate Majority PAC Poll Shows Bayh Strongly Positioned to Win Indiana’s Senate Race

Washington, DC – Despite heavy spending from Republican special interests on attack ads, Evan Bayh maintains an 18-point lead, 54-36, over Republican Congressman Todd Young in the race for Indiana’s open Senate seat.  According to the poll, Bayh has a well-defined, positive reputation in Indiana that results in him enjoying strength across Indiana’s moderate electorate.

To […]

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