Meet Mitt Romney Jr.

To: Interested Parties

From: Craig Varoga, Strategist, Senate Majority PAC

RE: Gabriel Gomez Is Mitt Romney Jr.

Date: 4-30-13

After an historically low-turnout primary, Gabriel Gomez is now bringing his “I am Mitt Romney Jr.” campaign to the general election. From protecting special tax breaks for billionaires at the expense of seniors and students, to surrounding himself with political […]

Top Senate SuperPAC Launches Online Campaign Targeting Republican Leader McConnell

“Beltway Mitch” Highlights McConnell’s Long Record of Putting Washington First

(Washington DC) Senate Majority PAC today launched “Beltway Mitch,” an online campaign highlighting Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s distinguished record of putting Washington’s interests above Kentucky’s.

From protecting tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires at the expense of seniors and students, to voting against the Violence Against Women Act, […]


Top Senate Super PAC Adds Additional Senior Staffers

Senate Majority PAC Brings On Senate Veterans For 2014 Cycle

(Washington DC) Senate Majority PAC announced today that Senate campaign veterans Karyn Brockman and Ty Matsdorf will serve in senior roles for the 2014 cycle.

Brockman will serve as the Finance Director and Matsdorf will be the Campaigns and Communications Director.

“Karyn will be a huge asset to our organization this cycle, and we are thrilled to have her,” said Susan McCue, co-chair of SenateMajority PAC. “Last […]

Top Obama Strategist Joins Senate SuperPAC

(Washington DC)- Former Obama for America Deputy Campaign Manager and one of the nation’s most successful political fundraisers Julianna Smoot is joining the Board of Senate Majority PAC and will work with the Senate team on outreach and development.

Bringing with her a vast network of contacts throughout Democratic and progressive political circles, Smoot will provide Senate […]

ABC News: “A GOP Mess in Massachusetts”

Scott Brown’s surprise announcement on Friday that he will not to run in the June special election to fill retiring Senator John Kerry (D-MA)’s seat has left Republicans in a desperate scramble to find a candidate.  ABC News runs down the GOP’s mess in Massachusetts:

Scott Brown? No. Former State Sen. Richard Tisei? No. Former Gov. […]

End-of-Year Video: 16 States

In the toughest races, in the toughest places, Majority PAC fought for Democrats and won. And you made it happen. Thank you.

Take a look at our new end-of-year video below, because we’ve got a lot to celebrate!

Majority PAC Reveals Final Haul: $42 Million

PAC’S Successful Fundraising, Efficient Spending Helped Senate Democrats Expand Majority

Washington, D.C. [December 7, 2012] – Majority PAC announced having raised $42 million in the 2012 election cycle, in its post-election report to the FEC. Strong fundraising allowed Majority PAC to begin spending early, including in Republican primaries in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Indiana, and […]

Thank you!

Wow, what an election. We didn’t know all of the results results on Election Night, and we didn’t win them all, but this was a tremendous year for Senate Democrats. Earlier today, Maine Senator-Elect Angus King decided to caucus with the Democrats, giving us an even stronger majority.

We went into this election with a theory: […]

Majority PAC Targets Flake’s Betrayal of Our Troops

Latest Offensive in Arizona Senate Battle 

Washington, D.C. [November 1, 2012] – Majority PAC today announced the launch of the final installment in its ongoing campaign in the tightly contested Arizona Senate battle. The ad, “The Difference,” contrasts Richard Carmona’s career dedicated to serving his country and his state with former lobbyist Jeff Flake’s shocking votes against […]


Majority PAC Announces New Ad Push in Campaign’s Final Week

Over $7M Toward Fighting Back Against Latest Crossroads Smears 

Washington, D.C. [October 31, 2012] – Majority PAC today announced the launch of the final installment in its ongoing ad campaigns in a number of competitive Senate contests. The group’s new spending comes one day after the announcement of millions of dollars in new false attacks from […]

What is Senate Majority PAC?

Senate Majority PAC is fighting to take back the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. The Koch Brothers' secret network spent untold hundreds of millions to buy Senate seats for their right-wing candidates last year, but with your help, we will win back our Senate majority in 2016 and put a stop to their destructive right-wing agenda.