New Poll: Pryor holds 3 point lead over right wing candidate Tom Cotton

A recent Talk Business-Hendrix College poll shows Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor holds a three point lead over his Republican challenger, Congressman Tom Cotton.  Michael Cook’s Talk Business Arkansas article highlights how Senate Majority PAC campaign ads have influenced candidate perceptions in this state:

“Democratically-aligned groups have been on the airwaves going after Tom Cotton and his record. This, […]

Senate Majority PAC Launches New Ads In Michigan and Arkansas

As part of an aggressive, five state multi million dollar campaign, Senate Majority PAC launched ads targeting Congressman Tom Cotton in Arkansas and Republican National Committee Member Terri Lynn Land in Michigan

In Arkansas, the 30 second ad titled “Connect The Dots,” highlights how prior to serving in Congress, Tom Cotton had a lucrative […]

Senate Majority PAC Launches Ads To Fight Back Against The Koch Brothers In Louisiana and North Carolina

As part of an aggressive multi state campaign, Senate Majority PAC today launched new ads in Louisiana and North Carolina.

The ads highlight how Senate Republican candidates Speaker Thom Tillis and Congressman Bill Cassidy are siding with the out of state, billionaire Koch Brothers instead of middle class families and seniors in their states.

From […]

Out-of-State Billionaires Try to Buy Senate Election for Bill Cassidy

Koch Brothers of Kansas Support Agenda “Bad for Louisiana”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- The Koch Brothers, out-of-state billionaires based in Kansas, are trying to buy a United States Senate seat in Louisiana for Bill Cassidy.  The Koch-funded organization, Americans for Prosperity, has already spent $3 million attacking Senator Mary Landrieu, Chair of the Senate Energy and Natural […]

Senate Majority PAC Launches Ad In Iowa

Senate Majority PAC Launches Ad In Iowa

(Washington DC) As part of the ongoing effort to fight back against the flood of negative attack ads from conservative outside groups, Senate Majority PAC launched a new ad in Iowa.

The 30-second ad titled “Oil Billionaires,” directly rebuts the latest misleading ad attacking Bruce Braley and shows how he […]

Senate Majority PAC Launches New Ad in Louisiana

Senate Majority PAC  launched a new TV ad highlighting how Congressman Bill Cassidy is part of the problem in Washington and already supporting policies harmful to the people of Louisiana.

The 30 second ad, titled “Problem,” shows how Congressman Cassidy is part of the problem by voting to shut down the government 16 times, to […]

AP: New TV ad by national committee praises NC Sen. Hagan, criticized potential GOP rival Tillis

By The Associated Press

A political committee supporting Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan has started running North Carolina television commercials aiming at state House Speaker Thom Tillis, a potential Republican challenger next fall.

The Senate Majority PAC said Thursday it will spend about $750,000 on advertisements over two weeks. The group already came to Hagan’s rescue last month […]

Senate Majority PAC Launches New TV Ad In North Carolina

Following an onslaught of false and negative ads, Senate Majority PAC today launched a new television ad in North Carolina debunking the Koch Brothers latest attacks.

The 30 second ad, titled “False,” highlights the false attacks while touting Senator Kay Hagan’s record of helping North Carolina families and small businesses.

Senate Majority PAC is committed […]

New Senate Majority PAC Ad Targets “Reckless” And “Irresponsible” Tom Cotton

Following his reckless vote to shutdown the government, and his irresponsible threats to let our nation financially default, Senate Majority PAC launched a television ad highlighting how Tom Cotton’s actions could hurt Arkansanas.

The 30 second ad titled “Shut Down,” shows the devastating effects that the shut down has had and a national default would […]

Senate Majority PAC Launches New Radio Ad In “30 Years Is Too Long Campaign”

Senate Majority PAC Launches New Radio Ad In “30 Years Is Too Long Campaign”


Ad Highlights Mitch McConnell’s Long Career Of Making Things Worse In Washington


(Washington DC) As part of the ongoing “30 Years Is Too Long Campaign,” a new radio ad launched today highlights the disastrous record of failure and gridlock that Mitch McConnell has […]

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