End-of-Year Video: 16 States

In the toughest races, in the toughest places, Majority PAC fought for Democrats and won. And you made it happen. Thank you.

Take a look at our new end-of-year video below, because we’ve got a lot to celebrate!

Majority PAC Reveals Final Haul: $42 Million

PAC’S Successful Fundraising, Efficient Spending Helped Senate Democrats Expand Majority

Washington, D.C. [December 7, 2012] – Majority PAC announced having raised $42 million in the 2012 election cycle, in its post-election report to the FEC. Strong fundraising allowed Majority PAC to begin spending early, including in Republican primaries in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Indiana, and […]

Thank you!

Wow, what an election. We didn’t know all of the results results on Election Night, and we didn’t win them all, but this was a tremendous year for Senate Democrats. Earlier today, Maine Senator-Elect Angus King decided to caucus with the Democrats, giving us an even stronger majority.

We went into this election with a theory: […]

Majority PAC Targets Flake’s Betrayal of Our Troops

Latest Offensive in Arizona Senate Battle 

Washington, D.C. [November 1, 2012] – Majority PAC today announced the launch of the final installment in its ongoing campaign in the tightly contested Arizona Senate battle. The ad, “The Difference,” contrasts Richard Carmona’s career dedicated to serving his country and his state with former lobbyist Jeff Flake’s shocking votes against […]


Majority PAC Announces New Ad Push in Campaign’s Final Week

Over $7M Toward Fighting Back Against Latest Crossroads Smears 

Washington, D.C. [October 31, 2012] – Majority PAC today announced the launch of the final installment in its ongoing ad campaigns in a number of competitive Senate contests. The group’s new spending comes one day after the announcement of millions of dollars in new false attacks from […]

New $800,000 Ad from LCV and Majority PAC: “We Can’t Risk Flake in the Senate”

Targets former mining lobbyist’s work in Congress that benefits industry, endangers families

WASHINGTON D.C. [October 26, 2012] – The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Victory Fund and Majority PAC today launched a new $800,000 television ad campaign outlining the risks of sending former uranium mining lobbyist Jeff Flake to the Senate. Flake has worked […]


POLITICO: Majority PAC goes up in Pennsylvania

The Democratic outside-spending group Majority PAC is going on the air in Pennsylvania with ads boosting Sen. Bob Casey, as public polls show conflicting data on the first-term Democrat’s reelection prospects.

Casey leads Republican Tom Smith in every credible poll, but by margins that have ranged from the low single digits to the low double digits. […]


Majority PAC Announces New Ads in Four States

Continuing Offensive, Majority PAC Targets GOP-Held Seats in Indiana, Nevada 
Reinforcing Strong Democratic Campaigns in North Dakota, Pennsylvania

Washington, D.C. [October 24, 2012] – Majority PAC today announced the launch of the latest ads in its ongoing campaigns in Indiana, Nevada, and North Dakota. Additionally, the campaign announced a new ad in Pennsylvania, where Tea Party self-funding […]

Majority PAC Hammers Out-of-Touch Republicans in Montana, Virginia Senate Races

New Ads Call Out Rehberg’s Insider Agenda, Allen’s Backwards Priorities 

Washington, D.C. [October 23, 2012] – Majority PAC today announced the latest installments in its ongoing campaigns in the battleground Montana and Virginia Senate races. With the ads, the groups continue their campaign to hold Republican candidates accountable for their out-of-touch views.

The Montana ad, “Rigged,” highlights […]


NYT: Democratic Money Pours Into ‘Super PACs’

Three leading Democratic “super PACs” raised more money in September than they have in any other month this election cycle, officials said, underscoring the growing willingness of wealthy Democrats to bankroll groups whose very existence they had long opposed.

Priorities USA Action, a group backing President Obama, will report raising $15.2 million in September, thanks in […]

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Senate Majority PAC is fighting to take back the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. The Koch Brothers' secret network spent untold hundreds of millions to buy Senate seats for their right-wing candidates last year, but with your help, we will win back our Senate majority in 2016 and put a stop to their destructive right-wing agenda.