National Journal: Wisconsin Senate Race All About Medicare

At the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee on Sunday, two generations of the Wisconsin Republican Party took the stage. Fresh off his prime-time debate against Vice President Joe BidenRep. Paul Ryan headlined a star-studded fundraiser for former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson’s Senate campaign. Ryan hasn’t had much time to campaign for Thompson since Mitt Romney [...]


Washington Post: Majority PAC launching $8.4 million Senate ad blitz

Majority PAC launching $8.4 million Senate ad blitz: The Democratic super PAC is releasing a new round of TV ads in nine of the most competitive Senate races. In six of the nine states (MissouriMontanaNorth DakotaVirginiaOhio and Connecticut) Democrats are defending seats, while in three others (

THE HILL: Dem super-PACs launch blitz targeting House, Senate races

The main Democratic super-PACs targeting hotly contested House and Senate races released a new spate of ads on Wednesday, intensifying their efforts three weeks before Election Day.

Majority PAC, which is working to defend the Democrats’ Senate majority, launched an $8.4 million blitz in Arizona, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Virginia, Ohio, Connecticut and Nevada, all [...]

Expanding the Senate Map, Majority PAC Launches $8.4 Million, Nine-State Campaign

Group Surges Into Republican States, Continues to Support Democratic-Held Seats 

Washington, D.C. [October 17, 2012] – Majority PAC today announced the launch of a $8.4 million, nine-state campaign targeting flawed Republican candidates in races across the country. The buy ensures Majority PAC and its [...]

National Journal: LCV Targets Flake in First Arizona Senate Ad

October 15, 2012 | 2:17 p.m.

Updated at 3:51 p.m.


The League of Conservation Voters announced their first expenditure in Arizona’s Senate race, a contest that once seemed like a likely Republican hold but now appears to be a dead heat with just over three weeks left before Election Day.

In partnership with Majority PAC, LCV is launching a $450,000 [...]


TPM: League Of Conservation Voters And Dem Super-PAC Pitch $470K Ad Buy Against Jeff Flake


The League of Conservation Voters, together with the Democratic-affiliated Majority PAC, launched a $470,000 ad buy Monday in the Arizona Senate race, in a further sign that liberal groups believe they have a pick-up opportunity in this usually Republican state.

The spot goes after Jeff Flake on the issue [...]


LCV, Majority PAC Launch New Anti-Flake Ad in Arizona Senate Race

Targets his amendment to mine for radioactive uranium near Grand Canyon

WASHINGTON D.C. - The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and Majority PAC today launched a new $470,000 television ad campaign against former mining lobbyist and Congressman Jeff Flake for sponsoring legislation that would have allowed mining for radioactive uranium near the Grand Canyon and [...]


Oops, I did it again. I forgot how many million-dollar homes I own.

Most Americans face problems like paying off debts, ensuring our families are healthy and well, and getting by while working hard during these tough times, and Senate candidate Tommy Thompson has some problems of his own.

Most recently, Thompson could not recall just how many homes he owned.  Was it three or four? Did the new [...]


The Hill: Majority PAC targets Berg on cuts to education, McMahon on Social Security with new ads

Majority PAC launched new ads in North Dakota and Connecticut slamming Republican candidates for Senate on cuts to education and Social Security.

The ad running in North Dakota charges that Rep. Rick Berg (R) has “gone Washington,” citing what it characterizes as his votes to cut funding for higher education loans and [...]

Majority Pac, Connecticut’s Future PAC Launch New Ads in Connecticut, North Dakota

In Connecticut, Groups Highlight Linda McMahon’s Dangerous Plans for Social Security

In North Dakota, Majority PAC Slams Berg’s Vote to Cut Funding for College Loans

WASHINGTON D.C. [10/8/12] – Majority PAC and Connecticut’s Future PAC today announced the launch of a new advertising campaign in Connecticut. Majority PAC also went up with a [...]

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