AP Reports: On Arrests & Drunken Brawls, Connie Mack’s Tall Tales Don’t Add Up

We already knew that Connie Mack, Republican Congressman and candidate for Senate in Florida, has a long history of personal financial troubles and run-ins with the law.  Now the Associated Press has uncovered new details that paint a portrait of Connie Mack as a young man who refused to take on an ounce of […]


Karl Rove’s Latest Attack Debunked

The Kansas City Star debunks the claims in the latest attacks on Claire McCaskill from Karl Rove’s secret donor front group, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies.The ad repeats claims that have “been debunked numerous times” that Republicans continue to use “despite the clear distortions.”

We can’t let Republicans get away with this slander – contribute now to […]


US Chamber ad blitz dumps “unprecedented” cash for Linda Lingle

The US Chamber, America’s largest corporate slush fund, is at it again. This time they’re dumping in a massive amounts of television ads across Hawaii to buy votes for Republican Senate candidate Linda Lingle.

The total ad buy is estimated at $10 million dollars, an unprecedented sum, according to the Associated Press.

According to the Honolulu Civil […]

Rehberg’s Firefighter Lawsuit Cost Montana Taxpayers $20,000

It was already befuddling to learn that millionaire Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-MT) filed suit demanding money from the town of Billings, MT and their fire department for not fighting fire to his liking last year, resulting in the sizzling of some of his undeveloped land in the rural town. Now reports show that his lawsuit […]


Linda Lingle: Won’t Take Position on Blunt Amendment, Just Fundraise with him…

It appears Hawaii’s Republican Senate hopeful Linda Lingle wouldn’t answer questions about her support for the most recent attack on women that came in the form of the Blunt-Brown Amendment last week. But…she will feature Senator Blunt as her headline guest at a fundraiser in DC tonight.


From the Honolulu Civil Beat today:

Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., […]


Limbaugh & Blunt: Fight Back with Women in the Senate

Talking Points Memo got it right this morning when they wrote: “Democrats seemed uniquely poised to fight back against Blunt and Limbaugh by putting a cadre of female faces forward.”

In the wake of the debate around the Blunt-Brown Amendment to allow any employer to deny access to basic health care and the ensuing slander […]

Dick Lugar takes 64 seconds to (almost) answer “Where do you live?”

In a recent interview, “Indiana” Senator Dick Lugar took a whopping 64 seconds to answer the question “Where do you live?” And even after what felt like an hour of interview time, we still are left scratching our heads trying to decipher his coded, legal excuse.

Virginia’s extra Senator is having a tough time explaining to […]


Could 2012 be another “Year of the Woman” in the Senate?

“The GOP House hearing on contraceptive funding demonstrated how out of step Republicans are with America, and Rush Limbaugh’s attack on Sandra Fluke may once again result in more women – who are still only 17% of the U.S. Senate today – being elected. Already, Democrats are running an impressive slate of progressive women this […]

“With Kerrey coming and Snowe going, Senate Dems confident”

This Saturday, The Hill touted the Democrats’ likelihood of keeping our Senate Majority this year in light of the Olympia Snowe retirement and entry of Bob Kerrey into the Nebraska race last week.

Read the full article below and contribute today to protect our majority in 2012.

With Kerrey coming and Snowe going, Senate Dems […]

After 6 months of campaigning, Josh Mandel announces Senate campaign

After months of skipping out on his duties as State Treasurer to attend fundraisers in DC for his Senate Committee, Ohio’s Josh Mandel decided it’s time to come clean and announce that he’s running for Senate.  The fact that he took an entire hour to announce this non-news at a press conference yesterday is laughable.

Also […]


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