Dick Lugar: Swiping the taxpayer credit card for his suite lifestyle

Earlier this month, Indiana’s Dick Lugar revealed that he stays in hotels on his occasional visits to the state he represents and sends taxpayers the bill. As it turns out, this Indiana Senator doesn’t live in Indiana.

Dick Lugar lives in Virginia, and yet his voting address on file lists the Indianapolis home he sold decades […]


Connie’s Reality Star Lifestyle: Real House Member of Lee County

Out-of-control debt, property liens, habitual over-spending, messy divorce drama, road rage and bar fights all blemish Connie Mack’s record. This Republican candidate for Senate in Florida has enough baggage to be mistaken with a candidate for the next hit reality TV show.

As the Miami Herald reports, the fiscal conservative who brought us “The Penny […]


When eliminating health coverage for birth control just isn’t enough…there’s George Allen.

George Allen, former Governor and candidate in Virginia’s Senate race, said this week that he supports a bill in the legislature that would define life as beginning at conception, thus granting an embryo the rights of a living person under the law.

As if the debate waging on Capitol Hill over health coverage for contraception […]


The facts are in: Million-Dollar Chamber Ads deemed FALSE

As we posted last week, the corporate-funded Chamber of Commerce is already spending millions on attack ads across the nation in attempts to prop up the campaigns of corporate shills like George Allen in Virginia and Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin.

After thorough analysis, Politifact has deemed the ads “false” and “mostly false,” respectively.

As […]

Connie Mack’s Oversight Committee Takes on Birth Control…without women?

Here’s how Florida’s Connie Mack and his fellow Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform discuss the issue of health coverage for birth control:


We need Senators who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all their constituents – not just those with whom they agree. We must keep our Senate blue, […]


Ohio’s “Treasurer” Josh Mandel hit with another ethics complaint

Yesterday morning Ohio’s Treasurer-In-Name-Only Josh Mandel was hit with his second FEC complaint, this time for violating federal election law by allegedly using state campaign resources for his federal Senate race.

Mandel has already made a name for himself by becoming the first Treasurer in recent history to have missed every single meeting of the state’s […]


Awkward…GOP wants your boss to decide on your birth control.

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Because even in Kansas they’re not this crazy about restricting affordable access to women’s reproductive health.

We had a Wizard of Oz moment when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the GOP’s plans to introduce legislation that would allow any and all employers the right to deny coverage for birth […]

Baseless US Chamber Ad Misleads in VA

The US Chamber, funneling millions of dollars from the biggest businesses, went on the air this week to try and prop up George Allen’s campaign in Virginia with no concern over the facts.

The Chamber is trying to swamp us with their money, but we have the facts on our side.

As Governor, George Allen increased state […]


North Dakota swamped by $200,000 in US Chamber ads

The Chamber of Commerce dumped $200,000 in ads on North Dakota this week, aiming to rehabilitate Senate candidate Rick Berg’s image in the state. Funneling millions of dollars from big business, the Chamber was eager to prop up Berg, with little regard for the facts.

It’s no surprise that business giants are coming to the rescue for […]


US Chamber of Commerce spends MILLIONS spreading lies in Missouri

The corporate-funded US Chamber of Commerce is assuming the role of Republican attack dog again, this time running millions of dollars of misleading ads about Missouri Senator Claire MacCaskill.

Despite the fact that Senator Claire McCaskill’s re-election campaign has received significant support from local business leaders and companies, the US Chamber of Commerce has joined with […]


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