Allen Fools!

This April Fool’s Day, the joke’s on Virginia – where George Allen has been pulling the wool over our eyes for years. Spread the facts about George Allen’s record at, brought to you by ProgressVA!

Here’s just some of what you’ll find on


VIDEO: See the new VoteVets ad for Claire McCaskill is kicking off the cycle with their first ad of the year praising Senator Claire McCaskill for her staunch support for Veterans over the years.

Take a peek:

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WaPo on Josh Mandel: “New Frontiers in Political Dishonesty”

Yesterday’s Washington Post featured an op-ed about Ohio’s Republican Senate candidate (and sitting state treasurer) Josh Mandel titled, “New Frontiers in Political Dishonesty.” Frankly, we couldn’t sum up Mandel’s campaigning tactics any better.

From the WaPo:

“Mandel has been pilloried by Politifact for excessive lying about [Sherrod] Brown, particularly with regard to 


Big Oil Rewards Dean Heller’s Protection

Since Dean Heller has voted four times in the past 5 years to protect billions of tax dollars in subsidies for Big Oil. He’s gone to bat to protect oil subsidies and has been handsomely rewarded: Heller has received at least $80,000 from the oil and gas industry since taking office.

So it comes as no […]


VIDEO: Rick Berg refuses to support the Violence Against Women Act

Rick Berg told North Dakota local television station Valley News Live that he currently does not support the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) before Congress, which fights domestic abuse across the country. Check out the news video here.

The legislation is set to expire and needs re-approval from Congress to move […]

GOP candidates continue tearing each other apart

With millions of Tea Party dollars flowing into challenger’s coffers and increasingly nasty Republican primaries across the nation, the GOP establishment is starting to sweat.

With incumbent Republican Dick Lugar losing ground fast to a Tea Party challenger, messy Republican primaries in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri and Florida, and Libertarian candidates likely to take away votes from Dennis […]

POLL: Hoosiers Not Hot on Gas Tax Proposed by Increasingly Unpopular Dick Lugar

Dick Lugar’s proposed $1/gallon increase in gas taxes has been garnering grassroots outrage and was even the subject of this video by local Democrats opposed to the idea for some time now.

A new poll today confirms that the vast majority of Hoosiers – Democrats and Republicans alike – are strongly opposed to the Lugar […]

George Allen: Big Spender

After Democrats spent the 1990’s creating a budget surplus and passing Congressional spend-as-you-go laws to reign in our deficit, George Allen and his fellow Republicans spent the first decade of the new millennium creating the largest budget deficit our nation has ever seen.

Now George Allen thinks he can fool Virginians into thinking he’s a ‘fiscally […]


FAIL: Missouri’s Republican candidates for Senate miss the mark on the minimum wage

Showcasing just how out of touch they are with working – and far too often, struggling – families across Missouri, the slate of GOP candidates vying for a seat in the Senate completely missed the mark when asked about the minimum wage at a debate Friday.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, but neither Rep. […]


Front Groups Want to Scare Seniors into Voting for Anti-Medicare Republicans

Just weeks before the Republican Party is set to release another budget proposal that would end Medicare as we know it, a GOP front group is spending MILLIONS perpetuating lies to distract voters and prop up Republican Senate candidates.

The 60 Plus Association, a group that advocates for the privatization of Medicare and promotes a reckless, […]

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