Local Montana Chambers Condemn US Chamber’s Dishonest Attacks

The pattern is pretty clear by now: rightwing group announces big ad buy targeting Democrat. Ads air. Ads criticized for being a passel of lies, distortions, and obfuscations. It’s gotten so bad, “GOP-aligned third party group ads in lies” is getting to “dog bites man” territory.

Which, unfortunately, is part of the point, it seems. If [...]

What Iowa Says About GOP In 2012

Four years ago, it was widely believed that the GOP was dispirited, and that turned out to be true during the fall campaign. The weight of an enormously unpopular George W Bush, the lack of any exciting candidates, and the tremendous enthusiasm on the Democratic side – which drew many unaffiliated voters into voting on [...]

ICYMI: Right-wing Groups Targeting Sherrod Brown

Just before Christmas, Amanda Terkel at the Huffington Post reported:

Democratic Senate candidates Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) may be soaking up national attention from progressives during the 2012 campaign season, but the GOP has its eye on Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), whose race is attracting more third-party spending by Republicans than any [...]


WSJ: GOP Tax Cut Fight Hurting Senate Chances

It’s an op-ed that’s getting a lot of attention today, the Wall Street Journal’s “Forget it, guys, throw in the towel on this tax cut fiasco” jeremiad. But there’s one throwaway line that’s getting a little less play, but it’s true:

Mr. Obama is in a stronger re-election position today than he was a year [...]

Entire Tucson City Council Endorses Richard Carmona

The Tucson City Council’s entire membership, Democrats and Republicans alike, joined together in a fairly remarkable display of bipartisan unity to endorse Democrat Richard Carmona for the Senate. In today’s hyper-partisan atmosphere, that’s an important display of Rich Carmona’s appeal going into next year.

From the Tucson Sentinel:

Richard Carmona, a former U.S. surgeon general who’s [...]


John Brunner Runs On – Then Away – From His Past

John Brunner’s a typical businessman-running-for-office, touting his record in business as a positive.

Until people started looking at his record. Then, well, maybe not so much …

Back when he launched his campaign, John Brunner stood on a factory floor, going on about his record as a “job creator.” He’s launched slickly-produced ads saying essentially the same [...]


Anti-Warren, Anti-Nelson Ads “Absurd,” “False”

We told you a few days ago about Karl Rove and Crossroads GPS’ new ad that lies about Ben Nelson’s record on health reform.  USA Today fact-checkers also astutely point out that not only is Crossroads GPS trotting out the old lie about health [...]

Rhetoric & Reality in Montana

Last week, a local Montana paper printed an opinion piece from Congressman Denny Rehberg, the Republican challenging Senator Jon Tester in 2012.  Here’s how it begins:

Washington, D.C. is broken. Montanans know it. America knows it. In fact, the only place you can find people who don’t seem to know it is in Washington, D.C. [...]


Majority PAC Releases New Ad Featuring Nebraska Senior







Omaha Senior Testifies To Sen. Ben Nelson’s Commitment To Protecting Medicare



WASHINGTON D.C. [12/09/11] – Today Majority PAC released a new TV ad highlighting Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE)’s work to make needed cuts in government spending and prevent any radical changes to Social Security or Medicare that [...]


Fact Sheet on Ben Nelson’s Work for Nebraska’s Seniors

At MajorityPAC, we are scrupulous about the facts we put out. If you are interested in the facts behind the latest Ben Nelson ad detailing his work for Nebraska’s seniors, here’s the fact sheet for the statements in the ad:





“What’s Ben Nelson been doing for Nebraska?”
Narrator:What’s Ben Nelson been doing for [...]

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